Vehicle Trouble! Arizona Archery Hunt Vlog #5

Vehicle Trouble

Good morning guys, we are perched up on this point right here, just kind of class. In all this country we got on the far far ridge. We’ve got about six, seven dough’s and one little four key. We got a guy back here, shooting getting his target practice in before work sounds like, and then we got another guy down below us driving towards those deer. I got a Kenny with me and then I got Zak and Mike down the down their way.


A little bit on another point, looking over some other country and we’re  just taking it apart, trying to catch stuff, moving heading to bed, feeding stepping out up and out him we’ve seen deer. I hope to see more deer that guy, on top of that check that out guys cooled the hull truck rolled off the edge sitting down there in the bottom decided to take the scenic rape way back today, pretty gnarly. Imagine riding that down like that rarity country HI morning hunts over sing, some bugs seen some doze about that bird.


That’s pretty cool! You know. I know I don’t have much yeah 12 cents is all I got man. You know I might have a couple dollars in the appreciate it. You too, all right guys. We just stop and get some lunch here at Subway, and since we don’t have these in Utah figure, let’s give her hell. Maybe I can win the jackpot. Well, crap. Nothing should go back and buy three more the winners, probably in there, maybe the next one up. That’s my luck.


Now, we’re  back to the ranch house. I’m going to  do a little preventative maintenance here to the rover and check a couple fuses to make sure everything’s working the way it’s supposed to be my back door for some reasons not not wanting to open and my , starting to act. A little goofy so man when it rains it pours driving me nuts. So don’t what vehicle? Don’t don’t ever buy these from circle-k? I don’t know what’s up with him, but that was the grossest breakfast sandwich I have ever had. Probably that’s probably why it was buy. One get one free for a dollar, it’s too horrible horrible. I kept taking parts off and it just didn’t get better all right, you’re  getting ready to leave for the afternoon hunt just got done screwing with the rover. The back hatch would not open Kenny. Figured that out and then we got it all fixed up.


So now it’s working properly, but it’s been giving me some issues. I don’t know what the deal is. We said we just rethread resetting the computer on it see if that helps it, but she’s a warrior. She’Ll make it shooting good. If not, I guess I’m calling enterprise or herds or somebody written something else to tear up so fingers crossed right now. The big issue is, we got to find the deer we’ve seen deer this morning seen a couple bucks, but the one we were going to  try to put a stock on or Zach and Mike found for some reason, their voices weren’t coming through the radio. So we couldn’t even hear I’m trying to get ahold of us to tell us. They found something I mean Kenny, seen a couple little bucks, but we had that guy in the Jeep go cruising down that road and push them over the hill.


So here we go. It’s time to go for the evening, huh all right, so we’re  set up on this perch here and we’re  just glass, and hopefully we can turn something up tonight. So we have a starting point tomorrow, something to go after it’s getting too late in the evening. Now, to put a stock on before the Sun before we run out of light, so the goal tonight is to turn something up and be right back here in the morning and hopefully put some stalks on. That’s the goal check the weather. It looks like we might get some weather coming in this weekend, which would be a good thing. The downside is I’ll, be on number two by then, so I think we’ve got tomorrow to get it down with these guys. It’s tough tough hunt this year, but we’re  having fun some dinner.


We made it back to the ranch house. Well, we’ve got chicken and chicken mm-hmm good salad got ta get them. Greens just got done eating dinner man that was good and now working on their over this damn thing started running really weird this morning, we’re  going up a grade and it just started like cutting out and like just losing power. So I pulled over shut it down, checked everything out, started it back up and I ran fine. Then just after noon it did it again same thing shut it down messed with it tried to do a reset. Everything worked great until it was dark and we’re  coming home, and it did it again, except this time it did it. It didn’t recover like it did the other two times so I’m going to  do is reset on it. I’m going to  pull some spark plugs and check and see what they’re  looking like and then check the air filter check the throttle body and I might be about it until tomorrow. I’m going to  try to get over the parts store and put it on the scanner. Really quick and see what’s going on and hopefully get some parts ordered for it if, if they can, they should be able to but yeah so cuts over for the day. I’ve seen a lot of deer this afternoon this evening, but everything was a long ways out.


It stood upright at last light. I mean right at last light. We went pretty much since about 10 o’clock this morning until last light before we seen a deer again today so and it’s a weird year, it’s dry when we had the hottest. That’s been new record high ever two days ago and heat for this area. It’s just goofy, goofy weather the deer spread out. I mean areas that I know that you can go into and see, law, deer, lots and lots of deer, especially bucks. I mean just nice bucks, nothing, nothing big, but usually I mean if you can’t turn up the big ones in some spots you head over there and just look at deer everywhere. Then it’s wonder you here, deer, their type thing you figure out.


What’s going on with this damn thing, so thanks for watching guys, I really really do appreciate you very very much. I hope that this has been entertaining enough. The contents been good enough for you guys to continue to watch. I this so this is all new for me. This whole daily vlog thing and there’s days that I’m struggling to not record the same thing. Not do the same thing. It’s it’s tough because I got I got to take care of the clients too, and I don’t want this to get in the way we’ll get better. I appreciate you, thank you very, very much and please subscribe and follow like comment, and I will see you guys tomorrow later



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