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The Arizona Strip Antler Trader

That starting to do more vlogging and what we do when we’re not hunting so bear with me cuz. It doesn’t feel right. It feels kind of goofy to just show you the day-to-day stuff and vlog it, but really with everything that we do in the YouTube channel. On the Instagram – and you know, antler trader and all the guiding it is really part of our life, and that is one thing. I’ve wanted to do more on the antler trader channel on YouTube is kind of vlog the lifestyle of what we do and the day to days, and just everything that we live this we live everything about hunting the outdoors and following our dreams and doing what we Love in this life because it is our life, it’s the only life, so obviously a lot of it is a struggle and a hustle to make money and support.

What we’re doing you know. That’s that’s the reality of it is you got to have money to do? Just to live, unfortunately, one of the things that I do to bring in money is, I make pedestals and here’s a couple, I’m working on now and stripping this one. I’ve got a new idea thanks to a good buddy, mister scheck, crazy Ben yeah. Here’s one that’s been working on this for about two hours now monotonous, monotonous work takes hours and stuff, there’s another one that I’m going to do some stuff with, and then here’s a couple that I have finished. These are four Westland taxidermy. Both I did these two completely different, because the wood is so much different. You know this one’s been cut before back in the older older days. I mean I don’t know how old it takes for something to do that. I assume quite a few years though, and I like this – I mean it’s got, the mold does not mold the moss and stuff growing on it and you can see the old saw marks and everything still so what I did when I you know on this one. I left all the saw marks on all the branches that I had trimmed off to kind of mimic. The saw marks on this plus you’ve got an old with the new there’s, a lot of things I left from when they originally cut the tree, like that. You know that big splinter there and then I didn’t ship this one or peel. This one is low because it had such a dark dark red. What I’m assuming is to be a dryer, because the tree is a little bit older, possibly even slowly dying where this one was definitely alive and kicking. It’s whiter.

So with this one I stripped it differently too. I took more off and left more checkering and then, for the most part I sanded most of this surface, smooth so just kind of did it a little bit different. I like the way both of these turned out a lot, it’s kind of like the one I got in the house, which I’ll show you guys that one later so yeah, so I’m going to try to flex it vlog a little bit more of our weekly stuff And what we’re doing and how we’re doing it? So so you guys kind of know. You know that we don’t have a nine-to-five, we don’t go work at a department, store or an office for somebody and then spend the weekend out in the hills like a lot of guys, we’re pretty fortunate to be doing it. The way we’re doing it, and but a lot of it is just the fact that we’re willing to live like nobody else, so we can live like nobody else and the big scheme of things. I don’t have all the toys that I used to have.

We’ve had the 37 foot toy haulers, the diesels, I mean you name it and I’ve, given all that up for a lifestyle that I want to live doing what I want to do everyday, not what somebody wants me to do. It tells me to do, but it is a struggle it is. I know one day we’re going to be where we want to be financially. So that is not the worry and we can really feel really live the life that we want to live and hunt where we want to hunt because really what it all boils down to you guys is. We want to be able to go. We want to be able to go anywhere and anything anytime. So that’s the plans, so this is one of the vehicles do it for now, but thanks guys, okay, so as promised, this is the one. I just told you about that. I finished for my typical to go on and this one I’m I just I love this thing. It’s got the older where it’s been cut and broke, Moss, get the worm holes in it and or excuse me, the termite whines worm hole, look older dead branch. I mean this thing is just for me. This thing was cool. I love this. This stump and I’ve been holding on to it waiting for this buck to get done to go on in just a bunch of old old stuff. That’s on it. You know back when they were cutting trees in the area, and it’s got that one salt that one solid stump that goes straight up off of it.

So there is, I got him kind of looking around it and that mountain is straight. That’s the way it’s supposed to be it’s, how we decided to do it, something different, so yeah and then actually, if you come in here, there’s this one I did. This is one of the first ones I ever did. I got Titan sitting on it. That’s got some elk antler’s leaned up to it, want to tighten it sheds right there, so yeah alright! Here it is hold on it’s a little bit dusty. But on that it’s clear coated, treated and finished. Oh real Mami’s got her ball and that’s all she wants is somebody throw it non-stop. You can’t wear her out tried and then I’ll show you guys some pictures of what the little ones turned out to be. I decided to make them little like euro school tabletop heads so well idea. Bin gave me you what’s up guys so we’re making a quick trip out on the strip its first of October, we’re going to run an all-nighter check. A cams and set in about 20 plus more cams just got the first one done. I planned on it’s 10:30 right now. I left town at 9:00 planning on leaving earlier, but my wife and daughter ran into each other coming around the corner in our hallway from the garage and my wife broke her nose.

So I spent four hours in the emergency room to have it looked at to make sure everything was going to be okay. She not need to have it reset or any of that stuff it’s. It was pretty bad, so she’s doing all right now: she’s home and I’m going to run an all-nighter get as many cams as I can get done and hopefully be back fairly early afternoon tomorrow. So fingers crossed shouldn’t be too bad about. I think when it’s all said – and I think there’s going to be a little over 60 cams – I got to do the math. I haven’t run so first ones done and we’ll try to vlog as much of this as we can just kind of part of the week part of what we do.

So you guys in bed well we’re about a quarter the way through its 307 in the morning. Going strong been on some of the rough stuff drop just roads out here, one of the roughest and slowest Cohen’s coming out. But after that, we’re going to have a lot of a lot of better roads. Go a little bit faster, not tired, yet it still going pretty strong. You got a cooler in the back full of drinks with some rock stars in there and I did bring some mountaintops at night to keep it going. So no worries show you guys, but roads are starting to get better yeah get it done, pounded it out. By doing this, I’m going to going to freak me up to help land in on Wednesday, lay some sod at his new house and then get some hunting in with my daughter, after some spike elk so put a little extra time and get all this done. That I don’t have to worry about it after spike, elk, its rightful deer and we’re pretty much hunting so again non-stop. This is really the only time I could let you out with everything we got going, so no worries it’s good to stay up all night. Every now and then see you guys in a bit .

What’s up guys all right, so we are about halfway done. We got the Sun coming up 7:15 in the morning and, like I said we’re about halfway done, so I’m hoping we can be home by well there’s one o’clock and get a bunch of stuff done before we crash now that the sun’s coming up and I’ll meet All like follow, set up the waters and all that fun stuff. So what’s up guys, alright, it’s about 9:45 trying to clock right in there. She’s been going nonstop busting my ass and get all this done today over halfway, but I still got a bit to do crunch time running out of daylight. Already it’s crazy up that path. Time flies. We got a water right here. Few cameras on it looks like ours has been jacked up and shooting at the sky mmm interesting. Oh we’re ! going to get this card. Swapped out, keep moving old stealth cams I’d. Do a battery recharge really get new batteries. Swap this thing isn’t dead nasty card in on to the next okay got the new SD card in. I need to format it hundred percent battery everything’s ago lock, her up, mom isn’t next Hey. Look, there are deer on the Arizona Strip. Is the second deer I’ve seen today we’re done. 57 cameras. 2:40 in the afternoon. Thirty two nine o’clock last night, you you


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