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Giant 195″ Mule Deer Set

All right so here we are now shut hunting and it’s a beautiful day. We’ve found a bunch of horns so far, mostly what yeah it’s chalky, Chelsey and Chelsey and Jase found a couple. Browns they’ve been kicking both on, but on the brown but Britt just spotted a set, and it looks big. So let’s go check it out. Oh yeah, nice, nice, this sweet cheater on him girl, anta traitor, shut, hunting, babes stacking bone. Winning here we are spritz birthday. May 22nd trying to shut hunting. So here we are looking for elk and deer, probably a mile from the truck already and down shed. We got a deer over here.


Let’s go check it out: ok, pretty decent buck! Oh Brown, it’s already starting to lose color yeah yeah on your side. Now, hopefully it’s right here. Hopefully it’s right here, close yeah, so I just stopped put this shirt on my pack and I’ve noticed about five feet away behind a tree. There was a fresh leg bone, so I started walking this way. Britt popped out just right up there in that clearing and says. Oh, I got a leg bone up here and I said well, there should be a skull somewhere, so she starts walking down the hill and starts yelling, hooting and hollering, so she found herself a skull on her birthday and he has velvet on him. Looking bug pick him up: bed, oh yeah, who do that he picked up a little girl. Little brown happy birthday. Congrats lucky you beat me


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