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We Blew Up The Car

No, so this is why I buy cheap sunglasses yeah because I always drop them leave them and they don’t work very well. When they’re like that, yes, you can yeah you work at one cutest. I had it first weights money. That’S it go brush your teeth. We don’t need you to stand here by the vehicle for us. Thank you. Got ta, go brush your teeth, yeah! That’S a good nap! You short yeah we-we’re above cars.

We only own trucks and suv’s kind of hollow. Yes, it does. I don’t think there’s a spare in there. That’S my second suitcase yes, this is our third suitcase and there’s probably four more in the backseat in here. Oh, if the viewers could only smell how delicious there is it, we got some things to get done today. I got to make sure this car is all ready to go. I just did a little rotation on the tires checked. All the air pressure check, the oil check, the fluid took a first ban and she should be all ready. The kids are gon na be driving. It to Salt Lake today and they’re gon na go up and go to lagoon with family, so the turquoise Taurus is ready to roll.

Now I got to go in sit down. I still got that bull drawing the dryer gets the more I’m liking it. It’S looking better and better. I just need to get those tips wider on the back and it will be done. I got some video editing. I got to get done for you guys, and I’ve got one right now, saving that I just finished editing all right. Jimmy’S out here, following me around with her ball so yeah, so it’s done editing I’m gon na get it posted. I get my office clean off, looks like a tornado hit it, and I got some other stuff to get done on vehicles. I just got done, shooting my bow. I can take that over to Terry at TT archery today and drop it off, get new strings put on it and get some more arrows ordered it’s it’s. It’S do so that’s the plan today and what we’ve got going. It’S hot as balls and I’m going to shut my door turn on the air-conditioner, so see you guys in a bit: [ Music, ], [, Music ]. So I am just doing a little update for you guys today. I have been working in the office working on website stuff and preparing to, but my children go on their first big alone trip and initially my first reaction was no. You can’t do that because I’m super protective super, like I don’t know. I worry too much but they’re gon na drive to Salt Lake tonight and go to The Goon over the weekend, just them too, and stay at some family’s house up in Salt Lake area.

So yeah the drive is what has me a little bit nervous? I trust them, but I don’t necessarily trust all the other people on the road. So today I have been a little bit anxious. I think once I get them on the road and stuff all I’ll feel better and that they’re checking in and once they get to Salt Lake I’ll feel fine. I just want them to get. There have fun and get home safe, it’s their first. It’S really the first time that they’ve had adult type privileges. So that’s what we’re doing getting them ready for that brenly’s at work, so we’re just waiting for her to get home and we’ll get them loaded up and on their way. But this is what I am doing. I just finished that one and weren’t getting ready to work on that one, my desk.

This is years and years and years of paint, and then yesterday I showed you guys what I was working on. This is the one that I finished yes, so yes, that is what I’m up to that’s. What I’m doing looking forward to um some time with my husband uh without kids, which is very rare for us, because we don’t well when they were little. We didn’t have babysitters and stuff like we didn’t have family and stuff that lived close, so we barely got time to do dates and things like that. So now that they’re getting older, we get to do that a little more and that’s really awesome and our anniversary is on June 29th, which is nine days away and Josh probably doesn’t know that. But that’s what we’ll be doing we’ll keep you updated. I like these bonds because they are very simple to do all I got ta do is draw a line.

These ones you get done with much quicker than patterns like that. We’Re getting ready to go huh, it’s got our maiden of which dad’s checked everything. You guys noticed that Josh looks like he’s shaved it all of the fake hair off. I was gon na, let it grow and it always gets to that. One point like it was in last couple videos whenever, but I mention it’s like 115, it’s a hundred and ten today, actually is it. You can’t watch her toes then it’s way too hot for her yeah here um, oh good girl, fine grass, I was one day say: hi mom she just got outside yes, so your sister that was having a total come undone because you weren’t ready. I pulled my clothes out earlier they’re like soaking more, is it ready? Well, all you have to do. Is this portion I had done at four o’clock. Yeah he’s! No, your thing got done out four o’clock: I’m not messing with you yeah, but you had yesterday and no he waited for the last minute to do a laundry and yet again come on boo you’re, getting to drive to Salt Lake good Lagoon, hangout fun stay! Bye, hey, say: bye, you can’t see you there shade and son got Earth’s natural filter, [ Laughter, ].

There they go babe. She didn’t want to be videoed, they’re driving Salt Lake. Here we go, they got it. No words we’re gon na go probably cuz. I got something the way I seen it: okay, so I’m not crying anymore, but halfway through our trip, we made it to Bieber and my car’s transmission overheated. So now we’re here and then it’s done, for we had some people. Some nice people try to come help. Us, but I don’t know nothing that worked so right now, we’re just waiting for my dad to come, get us and then tomorrow my grandma he’s bought us tickets, so we’ll just fly on a cedar to come, hang out with them, but I still look like I’ve Been crying, but I’m just super frustrated, I don’t know like I don’t know, I just feel kind of defeated. I wish I could have been able to handle it. I don’t know, but so that’s where we are right now we’re just waiting for my dad to come.

Save the day until he’s found about two hours out, so we’re gon na be here for a while life’s crazy dude, we’ll be back with update, not where I plan on my butt being sat at 8:30. They broke down and there was a good little Samaritan helping them there, at least at a gas station. Thank God that they made it to a gas station, and he says he thinks the is gone. We have a really hard time with sucks. I cannot wait for the day where there’s no more car issues, like always something, and I thought we found a gym in the Taurus, it was going to be able to be a good, reliable car for bread. It’S not, are you guys, I can’t say it’s too explicit. There would be a lot of beeps that would have to be edited in, but I’m glad that they’re safe and I’m glad that, like nothing, traumatic happened to them. I guess they just pulled off because of the air conditioner quit working yeah, the was hot, the gage was rising and the a/c quit working on, so they pulled off and chained and pop the hood, and he said the a/c compressor was actually smoking.

So I thought shouldn’t have anything to do with. The do is a coincidence. I thought. Maybe it was coolant. Lines may be switched, or hopefully it’s just like a easy dump thing that we can fix and that’s not the Trinity. I think that hopeful. Thank you. Well, we’ll check back in this began. This is life. How goes okay, we were able to move my car a little bit to a little like dirt patch, but it didn’t go very far, but look at this view, so pretty here Bieber is really pretty. I like how like small it is, but you would we’re still waiting. It’S been like an hour and a half or so well. We are halfway to see so we’re really hungry and I it’s trying to freaking walk into beaver. I’M trying to stop you from being hungry, cuz you’re annoying when you’re hungry. No look at that! No look over that: okay, okay, [, Music ]!

So pretty it makes getting for two hours straight. Why are you gon na call me out I’ll call you out like that cuz it you’ve been a little wussy. They are here. What time is that time? It’S 9:22. I left the house at like 5:00, no like 5:00, and this is where we are adult eating. Growing up who failed darn it all what they do like he was pulling my age and then this like older guy, came over and like helped, and he was like you just tell us. The shows like I just gon na have to get fixed. This is how it goes about 200, not for a for this vehicle. It’S not it’s more than a thousand. No it’s not! This is not for a yeah, it’s expensive mine was 500 and that was like junkyard had to fix up yourself, [ Music ]. Where did you guys interfere over in that field? I found out they just munching mcdeeres over there. You go shed hunting over there. I was body, I’m really hungry, so it we waited for you because we want to win you, but we weren’t got walk. So when you pulled over here, where did you guys plan when you got off the freeway we pulled under 300 over there just because they trying to drive it working well, like granny, isn’t completely done yeah, it’s a chuggy he’s pushing hard. We got there. We guess scammed by a used-car dealer. It’S had lots of time to pull down to. I got here dad. Could you just follow you and see how far we can get him see that wouldn’t work if it ends up on the side of the road hey? Well, hopefully it doesn’t get that cuz, he doesn’t have his bone.


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