We Couldn’t Take It Any More! Time To Hike! Antler Trader

Antler Trader – Time To Hike

Silly goose he’s up there like he’s a bird of prey hawk or an eagle he’s, got his castle through that thing perched up there on top of that rock to the top I’ma, do it I’m headed to the top imma, prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do it, you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and like it go.

Oh now, I’m sick of being nothing all right. I’m going to be some and all fight with every breath. Trust me I’m abe the one at the top. You can’t touch me what’s up guys. Alright, here we go. We are shed hunting again today, poor dear either one we’ve. We spent a lot of time in the truck driving around trying to just figure country out and where the animals are at and just pretty much relearn everything yeah everything’s changed a lot since I lived here as she lived here, so we got to relearn at all. We we drove around, we did a lot of glossing and lots of country. We went as far as the snow. It will allow us this morning and it’s about noon. We decided that we’re going to pull over and just start said, honey yeah. So it’s been a long morning and we need some sheds it’s time so, head now head now and hopefully we’ll see you guys here in a little bit picking up some antler she’s in heaven. She just got to go swimmin now, she’s looking for something to eat. Probably some fish I’d get in there and swim if it was just a Titch bit warmer, alright,

What’s up guys? Well, we got the first up. of Idaho, since we’ve moved back, looks like a hard whitey. I’m not sure, though I just walked up on it, put this around and show you what I am yeah hard white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What’s that real? That’s what you’re supposed to be looking for, how come I’m finding them quit chasing all the squirrels, leave them alone yeah. So there we go hard whitey! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, that’s not something. I normally find no vandal old, school old old cool. Let’s keep going. One thing I can get used to at this state is the amount of running water. It has so awesome. I it’s. It was definitely a luxury down south. If you were anywhere, they had water at all. You were pretty spoiled, I’m going to start pack in a filtration system. Instead of so many bottles, you should lighten up the pack a lot that way. That’s a good thing:everywhere we’ve been there’s been water god. I love this state all right. We’re on the board again got a little white dude here buy some fresh boots whistle for point. Take another heard white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’Ll take it

What’s up guys, we made it back to the truck after our little half day. Hike there is a fun hike. I was anticipating something the whole entire time, yeah pretty much. It was good country. I mean we’ve seen elk, we seem dear we’ve seen people pheasant, bunnies, just didn’t pan out yeah. I think we’re picking up scraps so we’re going to reap just keep going, keep keep going until we we start learning some of the country and we figure figure things out and we got big deer, big elk that we’re looking for or a lot of one of Them yeah, I don’t think we’re in the wrong spot. I just think that somebody beat us yeah me too, so last year’s stuff, this your stuff, is still not on the ground, yet yeah anyways, thanks for watching guys. We appreciate you very much and we’ll see ya on the next adventure anyways. Okay, guys the words that just came out of my mouth was I’m not giving up. Yet I might find something on the side of the road I haven’t lost. All hope literally just said that, can you see him from right? There yes see. That’s way, you don’t ever give up guys. Don’t ever give up on your dream: that-a-girl babe



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