We finally did it! ANTLER TRADER 2019

Antler Trader – The Move

We finally did it! ANTLER TRADER 2019

What’s up guys, hey guys, so it’s been a little bit since we put a video on YouTube. We apologize for that, but we’ve been making huge changes state. Yes, we’re an Idaho! Now yep! It’s got! Our house almost finished a little bit left to do, but we got a lot to do so. We just have been really focused on getting this whole new place set up and we have a lot of new projects that we’re working on on top of keeping an antler trader and all that going.

So we just wanted to check in with everybody and let you guys know that we’re still around and we still have every intention of putting out lots and lots of videos. In fact, this move has opened up huge opportunities for us to be hunting way more and to produce way more content for you, guys yeah, so that is kind of the whole basis of the move was we’re tired of not having tags we’re tired of waiting year. After year to hunt and I’m going to guide a lot less because I want to be the one hunting – and I want to hunt with my family along the whole goal, with guiding in first place, was kind of the means to be able to be hunting and Make money right, but it really kind of dominated everything and took up that time. It could be hunting correct, so we decide to move diet at home and we’re both from Idaho. Some of you guys know that some of you don’t yeah and I’ve been with you yep.

So this video is going to be about pretty much past present and future of this channel, who we are where we came from and what got us started on top of what our future plans are and where we’re going from here, we plan on growing things exponentially From what they are, let’s start a little bit back going back and a little bit of our our history and why we did what we did and how we got to where we are now pictures too yeah we’ll see what we can do you find any. We got so many pictures and videos or just yeah. We do. We need to start sharing some of our old stuff. We’ve been together for 17 years old mhm and our second date was hunting. That’s all I ever want to do. That’s right.

So that’s when it was introduced to me no I’ll, let youstarted yeah, so we’ve been together for a long long long time, what 19 years very well yeah, that’s a long time. A lot of people are usually over second or third marriage. By now it’s I’m not going to do that yeah, so we’ve been together, we’ve been married 19 years together, 20 yep together for 22 years now, 23 years and, like she said when we first met she didn’t really hunt. I was pretty novice in it. I was a junior yes, yeah, junior in high school and shortly after graduation, she moved to Utah to go to Weber State and I stayed here another year and then I followed her down to Utah started working and for a company shortly after moving down there, and We ended up, she ended up becoming pregnant with brinly our daughter and we spent, but almost three years in northern Utah, yeah total yeah total, and then we decided to move to st George, the company that I was with wanted to open a new branch, better opportunities.

Our family was little yeah. Our youngest was one and a half years old and I absolutely hated with the passion, northern Utah, hey I’ll. Never you know sorry for those that live there. Yeah, if you love it, that’s your deal. It wasn’t for me too many people yeah, not enough fun enough son, yeah err. So the job opportunity came up for st. George. We drove down the st. George one afternoon one week and excuse me and checked it all out and decided why not st George, at the time was super small and there’s a lot of potential for growth within the company.

For me, so take a huge leap was that we took it hugely. We didn’t know a single soul. We didn’t have any family closest family that would put five hours away. Yep we had babies, know about, we decided we wanted that change and when we do something we do it big yeah, it’s all or nothing for a thing.

So we moved st. George and after 16 and a half years with the company that I was with and raising babies and the amount of hours that I worked and everything it was just I was. I was at my heaviest at 245 pounds miserable. I hated life. I mean I was nothing relationship. Wasn’t that great we were probably at our lowest and what happens when you don’t have much like time to spend with each other yeah we just weren’t connecting and I literally lost track of where we were headed. You know I was literally working 60 70 hour weeks and that’s no exaggeration and I didn’t see them even though I wasn’t traveling out of town for days on end. I still never seen my family, because all I did was work. I did everything and it drove me into the ground. It really did it was. I was like said I was miserable. The amount of money that I was making was everything else in life was failing your relationship and your family you’re just not happy, not yeah concrete.

So we had all the toys we had. A 37-foot toy hauler had a custom Rock Crawler. We had brand-new players. Four wheelers. I was driving a brand new power, strokes, she’s driving a brand new Land Rover which you guys have already seen the Land Rover. What’s left of it, we were doing really well yeah, financially right, but the rest of everything was just garbage yeah. We were sad like yeah and I’m so glad we went through the phase of life to realize that you do not need that crap. No, it’s so not important in the big scheme of things, and I think that’s how we based our successes like okay, how many things do we have?

Okay? That means we’re successful right, because that’s kind of the image that I grew up with is how much stuff? How big is your house like how much money do you have? That was what was your call to fame like okay, you’ve made it yeah, it was, and we finally just decided you know what I had had a job that I hated I’d. Wake up and I’d be like. Why do I do this? This can’t be my life. I have to have bigger purpose than waking up to go, answer phones and sit in a chair and freaking hate living same for him, and I was the one who jumped first thanks to him because he had the job and I could jump in and Say: okay, I’m going to do my own thing. I started my own business and just a couple years after that I said this is the way we need to go. This is what is going to , make the difference in our happiness and he decided to shut that job down and we went all in on at mitre all in and it was scary as hell, because almost we had, I don’t even think I had a thousand Instagram Followers

YouTube wasn’t even in the picture. I didn’t really know what YouTube was, but I something inside me said I can do this. There’s no reason in the world with the way Facebook was big and Instagram was starting to get big. That there was just it was, I mean it was shouting at me. This is doable dude. You can do this and all I knew was I could doing what I was I loved. I could build a platform in a community and followers and friends make it go out of hunting. I started guiding on the strip me and Landon, and Trevor at the time started what we called Widowmaker Outfitters Widowmaker guide service and the whole reason was we just wanted.

We wanted to hunt the strip, neither one of us were residents. Neither one of us knew, I mean. Excuse me Trevor was a resident me and Landon were residents at the time, and so we knew that drawing a tag was probably not going to happen, so we decided to start guiding. So we could hunt giant, mule deer on the strip. Antler trader was taking a little longer than you know. I really had no idea. I had no clue how long it was going to take. I had no clue what to do, how to do it. What I was even doing, all I knew was: I wanted to hunt for a living and at the antler trader side of things, because we had there’s no plan, there’s no guarantee on anything. I you know we just kept pushing it and kept going, but I started guiding more and more and more to help pay the bills and I’ll tell you what guys in the last six years it has been a struggle.

I mean I’m not going to lie to you. We have financially did a 180 from where we work to where we are and now we’re I mean things are getting better now, but when we had money it was a good thing. We did buy some of this stuff that we bought because it’s fun paying rent and bills and keeping the lights on and food on the table, and one thing we were never sure on was where the money was going to come from month after month. We were never sure my face was in, could keep hustling, and so we we just kept going and kept pushing and we never gave up and we never. We never decided to do something different or something else.

We just kept pushing and money finally started getting a little bit better, a little bit better here and there things started getting a little bit easier, but but we ended up, we ended up Poland through it and just keeping you know, keeping positive positive yeah. That was a gratitude is the key guys. It really is our. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you is not a catchphrase. It was never intended to be a catchphrase. We don’t say it for any reason, but to show our gratitude to the universe for anything good. That happens because everything has a silver lining.

Everything does yeah, there’s always a reason why something that you might look at as a bad thing happens and it totally you get down the road and you look back and you’re like. That was the best thing that could have happened at that point. Absolutely it put me on the right path to meet this person to do this, to have that project fall in my lap, whatever it was, there’s always something that was good in, but if you’re not positively you’re , not grateful, you don’t notice. That stuff is bad in the negative and how crappy only thing that will eat you and ruin you and you will not succeed. We were there when we were working full-time and had all the money that we ever needed and could go and do whatever we want buy. Whatever we want, we were miserable, we weren’t happy, we weren’t grateful. We were very positive, weren’t digging deep into that and yeah being super grateful for the stuff. No, I was topically thankful, but not as deeply thankful as I because I know what the struggles and I know how hard I’ve worked to get you’re right.

So there’s way more gratitude and total pursuit. We did a lot of questions on why we say. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all the time, we’ll never stop saying that it’s not a catchphrase, it is literally. I say it all the time. Yeah, Oh greatly, that I am thankful for okay, so that is a little bit of why we say. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, but the people ask that question yeah anyway. So going back to our story, we just kept like we were saying we just kept pushing and grinding and paws and doing everything that we could do. I mean we have sold stuff who I’ve sold, antlers that I regret selling now to this day, but at the time we had to yeah Earth days for coming whatever it was really food electric, you name it life fuel to keep going and yeah. It’s not cheap because nobody was paying us to do that and like it was all of our money. If we were in the hills, it was our money paying to keep that truck going.

You guys all know how he drives vehicles, so we always had a repair on the books, so yeah it’s expensive and we’ve funded 99.9 % of everything that we have done by ourselves. We have. We have just that’s one thing about us: we we don’t fall back. We don’t have a group of people, neither one of us are the type that’s just going to come out and ask you for anything. Yeah. We don’t. We don’t use people, we don’t melt. People drive we just I mean we’ve had situations that people have helped us out and we’ve had situations where opportunities have come, come our way and there’s a lot of people out there. That have been a big help to us and there’s a lot of people out there that we owe immensely for well. You know the help that they have given us, but we don’t ever ask for it.

We don’t ever write or expect it expect it we’re . Just not that kind of person and we’ll never invite ourselves on the trips, we’ll never invite ourselves to do anything, and we kind of keep to ourselves a little bit. Because of that. But we are, we will always be the first to show up when somebody needs help. Absolutely it’s just the way we were raised and who we are, and a lot of a lot of that has helped us kind of held us back a little bit on our growth. But one thing about our growth and who we are what we, where we are hours, a hundred percent ours, a hundred percent organic we’ve helped others will continue to help others, but yeah. Don’t don’t don’t put one that can assume that we have. You know sold out, yeah nobody’s been a stepping stone for us and we haven’t used anybody to further our.

We never will because we couldn’t fully own who we are and what we’re doing. If we did that all hard work, it would completely go against who we are yeah all hard work, all dedication to what we do and what we believe in and what we want to do and a lot of that guys. There’s one thing about the channel that I want you guys to know: I will never try to be or focus on trying to be an authority in anything. I don’t want to be an authority. I don’t want to be a mule deer’ Authority, an elk authority, a shed hunting Authority. I just want to share what we love. I want to do what we love and I want to video it and share it. That’s not is what we’re about, and our message is that anybody can, you know if they go all-in and they believe in it and they’re willing to go through those tough times, oh and just keep pushing through. That is probably our biggest message in it. All is gratitude and perseverance and sticking to your dreams, yep positivity gratitude and anybody can do what we’re doing it’s just hard work, sacrifice and determination.

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes. I mean we have. We have been fortunate. We have some amazing sponsors that take care of us and help us out now like loopholed, first light marsupial gear, midland radios and berlin and canvas cutter. Those are some of our core sponsors that have helped us, but and we’re always going to be there for them. We’Ll never yeah, we don’t jump from one person to I’m, not joking right. If we’re wearing it, it’s because we believe in it you won’t. It can always trust that, if we’re talking about something or you see it in our – maybe that we are a hundred percent all in on it, that we believe in the product and we use it – we aren’t going to just use some cheap little shoddy whatever it Is that we’re using just to get a paycheck? No and we won’t switch companies even if they’re , similar or not, we will never switch companies because of money. It’s just not. Why we’re doing what we’re doing we’re doing? What we’re doing?

Because we love to hunt and that’s what we want to do together and then let me share brought us together. Wasn’t it a hundred percent all right? Our lives are a hundred percent different from where they started. When we made this decision and our relationship is a hundred percent stronger, just going through the trials that we’ve been through has made our bond strengthens, it’s made us appreciate each other, a lot more yeah yeah. Definitely because we’re one lets off the other. One is picking up and vice versa. I just know you really learn how to make things work.

Absolutely so like she said we want to promote that anybody can do it. There’s nothing! That’s the beauty of America, we’re just little Idaho, kids farm kids. It started from the bottom and we’re just we’re going to keep on climbing. We aren’t even close to being where we want to be no way, but whatever will be because of your guys’s help and support we’re getting there. Well always, I will always see more that, and I know you will too oh yeah, there’s always more that can be done. There are new things to try out absolutely and that’s what Idaho is yep so from that from from past to present, we want to say thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for all the love and support, and everything means the world to us. It means so so much to us the the support that we get from you guys. It really does. Thank you all the people that came to the booth at the Honey Expo more like I can’t I lost track of how many people came and thank you mm-hmm.

Absolutely so the future we were in Idaho, it’s the winter time. We moved up here in time to be here long enough for residency for the upcoming upcoming hunting seasons. The downside is when we moved here. We have blue skies, awesome weather. It was a blessing moving here because we did none of our stuff got hit with rain or mud or anything, but once I was sorry puppy once we got in it was like the winter storms hit. Yeah we’ve been here for almost a month now and since we’ve been here, it’s pretty much snow nor rain every day, yeah and it’s made it really hard for us to get out and do some tion honey or just anything yes. But we’ve got big things coming this year and I hope you guys tune in to see them. We’re going to be adding some new faces. We’re going to be adding some new plugs some new. I don’t shun rose of the hunting industry where we got waterfowl. Now we got upland game birds. Now we got fishing now we’ve got bear elk, moose, Bobcat, wolf, wolf, we’re going to be hunting wolves. Soon.

I can’t wait so stay tuned, guys, there’s big big things. Coming for this channel and we’re not stopping we’re just getting started, thank you guys for the support. It means everything if you have anything that you want to comment that you want to see on the channel or that you like that we doleave it in the comments cuz. I absolutely love reading the comments. It’s awesome and we’re thinking about starting we’re . going to start doing a live a lot more often where we get on, and we answer your guys’s questions. So we’re going to set up we’re going to set something up for you guys to make it really easy for you guys to send in questions and we’re just going to go through and start answering them on, live so yeah, some Q & A is so. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything, guys we look forward to the new year, the new adventures and the new, just everything everything’s new, we’re excited yes coming together and me.

I actually feel more connected to this house than the one we were living in for six years. Absolutely it we’re home, it’s the biggest thing we’re out of you talking yeah. We also have other business ventures in the works right now as well. So you guys will probably hear about those a little bit later right now we’re just kind of we got our noses to the ground just trying to get it started and kind of get a swing of everything, so everything is alive well and good, so we just Wanted to check in with you guys and looking out for our next episode yeah by the way we have Brimley’s hunt as soon as I can get the computer unpack.


One thing I just want to say this: just so everyone knows we moved when we walked into our house that looked at my phone. We have two bars and we have one Internet company and we went from three hundred Meg’s to 80 mazes the max yeah. So we’ve got some adjusting and figuring out to do there, so just keep that in mind yep, but we’ll have Brittany’s mule deer hunt this year, which is that bucks up there. You probably can’t see it but we’ll be putting that video out. So again, thanks guys and we’ll see you soon:


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