We found 90 Elk Sheds and Levi gets Lost Part 1 Antler Trader

We spent two & half days shed hunting for elk and one full night looking for Levi!
Levi ended up lost the first evening of the trip and we ended up putting 300 miles on my pickup looking for him.


Elk Sheds

What’s going on here? We go Tuesday morning about 6:30, where we’re on our way after alchemy Levi and Jared again got about four o’clock this morning, didn’t leave till 4:30 because Levi wouldn’t wake up, but Yeah we, you know, we’re gonna pick up belt, have fun chasing an antler round.

Hopefully pick up 400, we’ll, see I don’t know I’m, leaving everything but the 400. That’s. My plan, I’m, leaving it for you guys. If we got right, we got ratchet straps over 100 and browns. You guys buy.

You guys, buy them, where you know how to stack that stuff. I’m, not worried. We’re gonna make it we’re gonna make it look like we’ve been buying antler when we’re done with this yeah. That’s, the whole plan, but we’ll have video of all of it.

So I’m gonna get these guys to start recording more of their stuff bit getting picked up, so we can add to maybe maybe make this trip of two part. I mean three days with these two guys we should have.

We should have enough video to make you know, six shows in all honesty, move, yeah, pull a plane, boat and shift our and antler hunt. They’ll, be first first and retainer full-length movie coming your way after this trip finger, strokes and I got I got a bum knee right now.

Gonna hit these to make he Oh finally got where we’re, going about 9:30 10 o’clock all right. What’s going on so here we go! We finding out where we’re, going spot 9:30 10 o’clock. We’re after elk, big elk, hopefully break 400, and see how many we can pick up three guys where we’re at.

Hopefully we can, we can pick up one hell of a pile, especially the way these two are and it’s day one. So we got three days of this, so be ready, found out poop already in camp hi stay tuned. Here we go pretty dang cool they all.

Okay, you’re. Looking third, weird bass: go on that’s; six! Barely I’ll. Take it we about an hour. I got two already so should do good today, grab a full pack within two or three hours, hopefully, head back to the camp, see what happens found that dead bull heck fifteen minutes ago and makes me kind of sick.

I just found another one right here: that’s, a pretty heavy heavy bull, that’s. Another few years old I can’t find his sheds. Bones are scattered everywhere: dang it there’s a there’s, another it’s, two dead Bulls.

I found the last 20 minutes. I’m, not gonna leave. I much prefer sheds don’t play and find some of those dead. Bull sheds may be here somewhere, see alright. So here we go. It’s, probably 30 40. Maybe 40 minutes in got over to some country.

I’ve, been looking out on the map here and kind of open, sparse. We start getting some sparse, sagebrush and stuff like that, mixed with some trees, some buck brush, and we got our first brownie so right on.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Pretty nice brown how bad well, seven point nice, nice, nice a little bit see if we can match this bad boy up man, I love. I love big Browns little ones. Hell yeah intuition again come to the come to the steep part.

I said, and here we go not a bottom at all – I’ll. Take it. Thank you. Well found two dead Bulls so far I mean literally in the last 30 minutes. I found two bulls and I actually just found another dead boar which I hate.

I want to pick up their sheds here. He is right here. Nothing huge, but dang suckers wish they’d, just drop their sheds and not die on me young bull. I don’t get it I mean I don’t, have very big bases or anything off there’s.

A lot of cats out here playing some of their sheds been walking about two hours. Just come up on yeah shocking: he’s, got a pack bull, they’re got nothing that is cool, so maybe just work. The RAM that’s, the best fighter of the day right there I’ll.

Keep it yeah yeah, I don’t know what it is, but in the last hour, not even not really, I found four dead bulls. Maybe that’s. Why we’re, not finding a lot of sheds. I think it’s, pretty old, look like it died and basically in the velvet or just right after it shed its velvet, I would have my cool bull nice.

The white feel how light that is no weight to those antlers at all whoa. That’s, the fourth dead bowl. I found in literally an hour in this area, ridiculous. What’s, killing these bowls, no biting or a lot of cats in here? What ok? Here we go.

I just been looping around circle. I’m trying to find the other side to this brownie. Here I picked up and just spotted another looks like a pretty good white part of light, so maybe Chuck I don’t know, but it’s white out.

In the wide open, let’s check it out around. Here I’m, pretty good being a couple years old, great beam on him really good B sounds like scared and Levi are getting into a couple. Also right now. I think Jarrod’s found found a couple.

I haven’t really heard much from Levi. He’s been out of cutting out of my range for the radio, but not about at all right now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you see to match to both of these up now. Well then, a good day.

So far I got three three. I’ve said so far. I’m three and then just found this old little junky thing and then just talked to Levi or met up with Levi just five minutes ago and then walked around their edge here’s, a brownie all chewed up already the burrs.

All chewed off back points I’ll toot off already dang squirrels varmints animals yeah. I got five if you want to count that so far, yeah only been going for a little over two hours got five sheds so far, so you need two or three more hours.

I should have a full pack. I’d, be nice cuz. It’s, getting pretty warm out here, see what happens and hopefully we all load up. Today I’d, be sweet yeah we’ll, see what happens you know it never fails.

I’ve, been going all day kind of been slow, Jarrod’s. Leave I picked up about the same amount, not too many more, but I’ve been working. I mean, as far out as I went, I’m working back now to camp and I decided to work back through the same country that I found these in just a different angle, a little bit different level, but same country and never fails.

I mean there’s, a brownie right there I don’t. You can see it or not, but I literally found this hard white, this big hard white. As far as the map saying – maybe 40 yards just over the little rides right here that’s.

It amazing blows me away over here yeah little brown boat. Oh no, I’m. Fine me brownie! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Maybe it is hard white out in the open, then shoot on a little bit, but we’ll, take it Benna about 2 or 3 hours, since I found something that finally found some an old old chalk or elk shed, but something I just seen Just seen three bulls just right back here that I naired he had 16 18 inches of growth looks like pretty good sized bulls.

So hopefully I’d, find their sheds right through here somewhere, but I don’t know what it is guys, but in the last yeah just a little over an hour, I’ve. Just I found four Bulls back there and I just found another dead.

Bull was the fifth Bowl. I found that and literally maybe an hour and fifteen minutes within a half square mile area, freaking ridiculous. Nothing thanks, ten years old, easily yeah that’s. Pretty sad huh killing these bulls, but I don’t get it.

I really wish I hate seeing dead Bulls. Getting bout dark, walking up this ravine found me another little brown.. We’ll. Take it

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