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Ford stuck good

[ Applause ] Sunday Funday we are taking the new pick them up down to the river to play in a mud, the goat chains, dominant the goat, so we’re taking it down to the river we’re going to play around we’re going to . Let the kids drive it for a little bit and we’re going to go get some stuff for dinner and we’re going to have salmon. Tonight is what we decided on Sunday and we’ll probably do some go through the antlers and juicy stories. Our sheriff’s and some of our antlers so with you guys today, that’s the plan and we’re getting things started right now. Bobby yeah really takes a little torch down this road. My mom and I got ta. Do an Instagram story. Look at this much harder better that your truck you guys out there Road you better, not be bringing the Torres um. This is our first trick of the trick: , [, Music, ] maneuvers, try not to draw too much attention to ourselves. Oh his fingers just about I shut the door. You can’t ask him to get out and then shut the door. city for life, aah, careful son, hold on in case.

He does like get it out. You don’t go flying out the back, whose idea was it friendly that will help babe you’re going to break something, and we haven’t even like frickin registered this. Yet hey. You want me to drive and you push you didn’t, grab a shovel or anything careful he’s off. Yeah, no pushing no pushing! You want me to try to drive a new punch. We always get ourselves into the biggest shenanigans . We worked when we’re too far from the house, so I’ve just ran up and grabbed the other pickup and I got a jack and a shovel and some blocks and then worst case scenario. We’Ll pull it out. We’Ll try to pull it out with this, but I think just lifting it up a little bit getting some blocks underneath it will drive right off that no problem. I want to do that because coming back is going to , be worse than continuing forward. The way we’re high centered so heading down to him get the blue heading down to get him now. It’s gibberish, huh, worried about us. We got it looks like there’s some good tread on them tires.

We had to go get my rig good thing. We just live over there. I wasn’t that far, but just as a walk, but that’s cuz, he decided to take a dive off these rocks. That ya know I hey babe. Do you remember that time when I was pregnant, I was real pregnant but friendly, and we had a. I was like cow style pregnant. We had a freaking two-wheel drive and he’s like oh yeah, it’s okay, that this is like a total swamp. We should go up it, I can get out of it and snow it. It’s no issue. This ain’t, your first rodeo, oh yeah, I remember with Brian in the mud and we didn’t have a shovel. I think all right. You should always have a shovel Josh likes to live on the edge, though nice, to put challenges the lightener they should. We go help , you I’m blowing kisses at him and that’s what he’s doing to me. Are you mama now I’m going to zoom on you man when you zoom it makes things so shaky, hey Jamie. We can be shed hunting out there right now. Actually, why wait? They’re , probably like sheds on the other side of those trees, there’s actually a big old buck that got killed that lived over on this river. You got ran over this year, . Nobody has come to see if we’re okay, nobody has come and tried to say that we’re in the middle of town with had bikers ride by they didn’t ask. If we’re okay, that’s not how would be in Idaho, Oh twenties, it she’s. How do you not see that rock yeah? Oh thank you you’re , the first person that asked if we need help in like an hour you’re getting bit yeah. This is a bush. Oh hell, yeah yeah! I just lock it now.

This domain thought he could get over. This big, a rock after three hours – I did it – I got over it yeah, so smart and all he had to do is legit ship, the truck, maybe just a little more labs or even solid, but not let’s go right over this slow down a little bit. There I’ve been staring, we don’t know what his skills are. Yet we know that her skills are. She is fast. This thinks it’s way too high for her alright, so run over. Every curb in town, I , said just thinks it’s too high for you. You need something that sits low, like a go-kart yeah. That way, you can’t roll it think you’re like Oh slow down there cuz we don’t know this thing can do in sand yeah and I don’t want to be digging it out when you burn out it should be good in the sound, but you never know now. Listen to me drop down on that right here. Yes, I regret yeah, no Rach Rach, Oh, like that we got us a little wheeling truck and it’s like it’s like the 22 year old.

That’s your brother to your truck bed, the 20 year old year old! This! The older brother to your truck – oh, I know what I’m doing right good. We just kept the road shifting out of four-wheel drive for some reason: just drop the phone okay, it looks a little deep right here. Just keep going the way, you’re going, go back it up and flip around go back. It’s reverse elbow is shot, don’t say, milf in this video. I know I’m just letting you know did not say it so beep that out nope, oh there’s a crow. I don’t beep stuff out anymore dude, we’re like in the woods now we’re fully like we’re miles away from any a nearest road. We were like big words for driving yeah brynlee wants to cross through every now straight towards those tyre marks over there I said slow. That’s slow when you don’t know: homie rivers not slow for low guys, see for miles an hour. Oh that was fun. Is that it . It is touchy when your foot goes touchy. We can’t do it boy, you just can’t fill it until you actually touch the ground with your foot and they penalize the boy. It’s really touchy think we’re running them over. Go Brandon, well, the gap. This is why she has a car folks. I know you’re not going on that cars within having your license on the road, all the cameras.

Oh I’m better than Jayden every tree the cloth recovery together, we like just disappeared and then I look at the windshield recording. We just disappeared down and looking at the sky for low alright. So I want to get a look in this thing. Yeah. Well, we’re slowing down we’re slowing down is that what’s coming off, the pedal for once somebody said rat rat can bring. Me has lost ourselves Unabomber back here, yeah, oh gee, [, Music ] is short for Bridgers. We think they should we go wheel this. I love this vehicle. We can go mob mine, we can’t Mars, they went in the house. Was Brittany. Brittany’s got to go to work at six, but we don’t care we’re still going to go get a nice Sunday dinner at the star to cook up we’re going to do some salmon. No, she wants salmon, I’m not a seafood person at all, like I don’t like shrimp or lobster or crab, but a pink growing on you, but um. We went to Texas de Brazil dude. That place was so good. I wish we would have got some video of it cuz. It was an experience as well as food was just amazing. Yes, it was but anyway, so I got some salmon there and I really liked it. I decided, because we were at this place. I was going to just I’m not right going into the Smith’s marketplace these two clowns. What time card you can use asking you


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