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Here we go the wife’s get her nails done, so we’re going to attempt to make her birthday cake, we’ll see how this turns out happy birthday: babe you Where do you want to go to attorney in Australia, [ Applause, ] the day power auger bear with me, taking the boy in the fan, Gabriel sing the bill: [ Applause, ] [, Music, ]. Here we are wait. I wasn’t ready that does. I saw him with some before we left. Teeth are fake, so one that got fixed that he broke. I always thought you broke the one. You should show everybody one: we should jump Bradly, they come so far as fresh mats, women and we are sitting in the chair, enjoyed the fun relaxing.

Does I hurl it? Comfy we had a fun day to day haw max. I worked this morning bust out a bunch of orders, and then we went fishing to close out the day. Hold it way, far out long arm that baby yeah make it look big catching lots of little tiny babies. Let’s see here comes bad, always the itty-bitty macaroon II sighs. What are we doing? Guys? yeah, every time we’re going to the lake, but first we got ta come by Walmart and get us some drinks and ice homemade. Shade thing out of a rain fly: go Sammy, you love the lake time drop, it drop, it drop, it drop it. Maybe you love the lake , what a dummy no swimmers there cheer like the cesspool of Sand Hollow. I hate that way. [, Music ], we plan fire JD, look at it, go snakes and sparklers yeah. We just would’ve made a mountain, a publican cool, there’s more in the King. Oh it’s split! Oh it’s going away faster! Now, all right, we’re good fu is now permanently burned into our [ Laughter, ], alright. So this week we are, we’ve got a bunch of things going on we’re going to start getting a whole we’re making the first move, reducing our stuff to make a move and what that move will be is still undecided. But it’s between two places. One thing we’re going to do is we’re going to start.

We’re going to take this week and pretty much get ready for heavy art. So this this weekend, so we’re going through everything, we’re cleaning stuff out, we’re we’re digging into boxes, we’re throwing stuff away we’re just pretty much going through everything. So we can have a yard sell to get rid of the first wave of stuff and then hopefully we can do that, maybe once or twice more and make it or when we do move. We don’t have much to take that’s the plan, but on top of it I’ve got projects that need to get done. I got this big antler right here. I’m fixing my phone’s not focusing there. We go, I’m fixing for a buddy and for some reason they cut the points off and he wants it fixed.

So I’m going to fix that second wave of shot glasses, slash, toothpick holders are getting done. I just don’t wait for them to dry and now we’re going to start putting those together. Setting those up. I’ve got to go, sell some antler I’ve been buying to kind of add a little bit more income, since it is getting hot. The shed hunting is slowing down, but on top of it, I’m going to try to get a trip in this week on top of it, whether it’s for a day or two closer far. I don’t know yet it’s it’s still up in the air on that. So yeah we’ve got a lot going on. I’ve got a video edited today I mean putting piles and piles of stuff together to get rid of. That’s my go away box right there. Just everything is kind of a mess right now, because we’re digging through everything and then on top of it. I’ve got some antler laying right there. I’ve got cement we’re laying out here and the reason I’ve got that stuff laying out. There is because we are going to take pictures of them, so we can put them up for sale so yeah busy week busy busy week, I’m going to try to start vlogging a lot more just cuz. We really want to it’s just that. It’s getting used to doing it, I’m still, you know, look at me now, I’m uncomfortable on from the camera a little bit still and unless I’m shed hunting or hunting, but I run out things like to talk about. Basically, I start repeating myself sounding redundant and not finishing stuff, so we’re going to work on it. I promise, I guess it’s right.

We have moved from the garage to the bathroom master bathroom closet. Actually, it’s dark outside five years. Yes, right now, I’m going through hats and it hasn’t been that long since I’ve gone through hats but yeah. This isn’t all my hands at all. I do that’s what I’m doing right now, I’m separating my keepers because they’re somewhat sentimental value. This was Shay’s all-star game when you played baseball and I coached this is chase tee ball lots of antler traders that I’ve wore you know stuff, that’s not even available anymore, other stuff that I wore out like these three. These are three of the first cattle hats that we had on top of that one.

So yeah just lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of stuff the bedroom is pretty much next, but there’s not a lot in there. Dude, I cleaned out the cabinets yeah she just today. We have vitamins for my 2008 2009. That’s awesome, like literally I’ve, probably been taking them to two cans. A garbage can I felt extremely today, so we’re almost done with today and I didn’t get that I didn’t even start working on the antler. I didn’t touch the shot glasses, but we got a bunch of antler sold here and now we’re going through some I’ll bet. Those are the old portable video players yeah. This is what we used to put in the car for the get in look at that we used to write cards for my kids. So when we go on long drives, oh there’s a video in it which video don’t break it, there’s probably an open button. It says press, I’m pressing. Why does it say press spongebob? We need to see if that works. I’ll, put that in the truck I’ll watch. Videos stop a red box and whatever talent battery. Well, I don’t have phone service all the time too.

So I can’t watch you know Netflix and Hulu. It’s dead, yeah we’ll have to plug it in discharged, yeah, I’m pretty sure. Oh yeah there’s the battery pack. You know that’s the other screen. No, that’s a that’s a whole different yeah. We went through so many of those things. there’s a 10 accord. That’s pretty cool! Well, I’m going to have to play with those stuffs, not even opened. Yet that’s a battery. Oh, these are headphones. Oh, my goodness. Anybody want to bid on the antler treasure that’s a whole TV, yeah, VCRs hi. Let’s get this job then see you guys in a bit okay. But how ironic is it that we just graduated our daughter, yeah I’ll, pull this out, pull this gym out and I keep so much stuff? Is there even a place thatfreaking develops? Maybe Walmart yeah? You know our prom pictures. I found those the other day and remember how they were double exposed. Yeah so like we have pictures of just whatever else is going on in life been broke. For a long time, though, I love Disneyland, okay, mostly keepsakes. This I had in high school and there’s no telling listen. Treasure trove. You don’t know what that is, but I guarantee I probably thought it was cool yeah. I keep weird started yeah. It’s pretty awesome, that’s an awesome! Knick-Knack box! You cannot give me crap woman.

What this is, I think, from our wedding, Oh cake, cutting stuff knives, there’s knives in there dude, I don’t even think they’re washed. I bet somebody just stuck them in there from our wedding and we never even knew it. They need to be polished. They do look a frickin icing on them. Oh way to go, have to sharpen that up and what good are they in a box? That’s not something we have to buy that sits in a box and we never see for what to be in a box for when you pull it out to be out, so people can see it. Oh wake up helping me! I got it Maggie. I scare you I’m sorry we’re trying, scam magazines. Let’s go no work to do you.



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