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HI guys we’re live. If you were probably wondering where we’ve been, we just got back from the 13b Arizona archery hunt, which was super fun, and we just wanted to kind of give you guys a little heads-up on what we have in store for you. The strip hunt was very fun. Our client is new to archery, and so there was a lot of extra challenges that were thrown our way but, like I said we, you can’t not have fun on 13 B, that’s where some of the biggest deer in the world are. We had no lack of deer and we had no lack of stocks. I lost track of how many stocks that we did and we had five or six of our hit list bucks coming in regularly, so it was full of action lots of stuff to do. I have never been on a hunt that ended in the way this one did. It turned out pretty amazing, so you will want to make sure that you tune in and watch every day because it was jam-packed with adventures, as the Corbin family always brings like you.

Can’t be around us and not to have adventures so that turned out really awesome. It did take all ten days and every last little bit of light we had so if we had originally hoped that it would be a little bit quicker than that, so that Josh could come home and get some editing done. So we can have a few episodes up for you guys, but it didn’t work out that way so yeah the night that she harvested we got home at 1:30. In the morning, we had some truck issues and Josh slept for a couple hours and was back out on the road the very next day to do his kiya Babb hunt.

So we will have tons and tons of footage for you guys. We just need to have time to put it all together in a way where we’re not just like I’m just throwing it out there. We want it to be quality and tell story, so that’s kind of the whole point we just wanted to. Let you guys know that we are still alive and kicking. I’m really hoping the Kaibab hunt will go a little bit quicker. His hunter is an experienced archery hunter, so we’re hoping they can find a big buck for him and get it done so, depending on how long that ends up taking will have that series as well. Josh still has his own archery tag here that we need to get filled that is hunting season around this place. It is like a 24/7 madhouse constant, like wow tornado, uh-huh. I’ve been home for a couple days and trying to get the house resituated and handled today has been a very very test day: man how it goes.

Sometimes I cut on a CNC router. I cut from wood and cut like wood signs and stuff like that, and that’s how I bring in some extra money for us and today, man, my router bit broke and Josh is usually the one that helps me change that out and he freaking, like all women, Can probably relate to me like they cranked down the jar just to like prove a point, so you have to ask him to help. That’s basically how the router bit worked, and I worked on it forever by myself and eventually I was like okay. This is pointless. I’m not getting anywhere so I had Jay come home to help me him and I worked on it for an hour and we finally got it. Nothing like making me feel really weak um. We got it fixed and then the next thing Jayden is leaving to head back and his car started smoking.

So we got that we’re down to one vehicle. The day we got home, we actually got a flat tire on the truck I had to go rescue Josh. So we had both of our trucks out on the strip. He didn’t have time to fix it cuz he had to leave for his other hunt. So I went to Walmart just because it was just supposed to be a real fast flat. Repair ended up sitting in their waiting room for two hours. I guess they forgot about me and did not come to tell me that they could not fix my tire, so that was frustrating I’m trying to remain as positive as I can and pull out the good and the positive and the lessons that I’m supposed to be. Learning and just try to stay on track and get things handled.

So thanks for hanging in there with us, while we get all that footage put together for you guys, we appreciate all of your encouraging and kind words, and you following along this is life. This is how this is real. This is how it goes. It’s not it’s not always pretty, but it is absolutely worth it and we have so much fun doing this and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just got to keep on keep my head down and keep grindin and keep hoping for the best, because I know that it could always be worse. There’s other things that are going on in the world of my little flat tires and my broken router bits and this, and that are very miniscule, two other things that are going on. So I understand that and I am keeping a smile on this face. So we look forward to sharing these adventures with you guys just keep an eye out and we’ll see you later.




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