We’re back guys! Finding Elk Antlers & Shrooms Antler Trader

Finding Elk Antlers & Shrooms Antler Trader

Good morning guys, what’s up, we got a new wave is a stranger. No. Finally, here she’s been my she’s, been begging and pleading to go, shoot hunting. It’s just every time something is put together: she’s got she’s, she’s been busy work and everything else. So today she had a day off with us and we said hey. She said I want to go, she ate honey and so we’ll see you guys in a little bit you playing in the water. This is Ria’s favorite, part hi. Wherever we go, you get a swim now. What are you here? Did you go find dad? Let’s go find dad all right.

What’s up guys, it’s a little bit late afternoon, we hit a whole bunch of new country. Well, it’s all. This is all new country, but we hit some country that just kind of look good. I had no research into it or anything and just wasn’t any sign. It was really slow and so we jumped in the pickup we hauled back but back to the truck jumped in the pickup and went and changed elevation. Basically and we’ve been going for a bit now it’s been slow, we got anything until now. I just I just found me a little brown. Oh it’s funny because I hit this little Basin. The girls are actually kind of we’re on a finger working it just down, and oh there’s the other side. I’ll bet money. I just found another one anyways.

Well, we’re just working down it and I’m up on top well 3/4. The way up – and I just come into this little Basin right here and there’s just ginormous rubs everywhere, fresh beds, tracks – I mean everything – and I said you know I’m going to hit this little harder, so I’ve been going up and down it, making sure I cover It all and finally paid off with two brownout sheds now. So let me flip this around I’ll show you this first thing see this stuff is just super thick right in here lots of green. There is the first one right there and there is right there. So one right there, that’s the second one I spotted this is the first one I spotted little brown bolt now walk up here, so what I’m, assuming is his other side could be wrong. No, no! That’s him there a little match set. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right. Hopefully this start to at least a good afternoon. Hopefully I’ll see you there where’d you go bro. I can’t see you. You found a good spot and yeah dad’s found some sheds like yeah. Now us girls need to find some

What’s up guys good morning, heading out on another hike today. Finally, it feels like it’s been forever. You know, shut Bess was like a week ago. Wasn’t that well, it feels like no. It was two weeks. It was yes because last weekend this guy got a piece of metal on his eye and it was bricks birthday and had to go, have it removed and grinded, and so so technically this is my birthday trip. Yeah cuz, I didn’t get a Mother’s Day trip either. No, no, it was yeah, we’ve been busy, it’s been super super busy. We got a lot going on. You guys are going to see a video of one of the things that I’m doing and you Brits already pretty much briefed you on Hurricane business with my sisters and anyways. Let’s get the shot, hunting Remy’s, ready, yeah, we’re ready, alright, guys, let’s go see in a bit, alright guys. We are five minutes into the hike and I’ve got a little brown elk shed right there right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was ensure this spot just a little three-point, but it is a brownie. So that’s good sign that we’re here when they were shedding. Let’s find some more alright guys, so we are not very far into this tight. Maybe a couple minutes and Josh’s found the shed and I just found shed so this could be the match to his other side. Huh. No! No, though his this what’s a pretty brown sounds a little bit more on the hard white side. Give you a look at it awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We’re off to a great start could be giant mushrooms. It’s a big one. I mean all kinds of mushrooms here in Idaho, really want to learn more actually want to go and find them, or else too come on goofy out there swimming. You have a good eye to find just a tip looks like a rock, but it’s a broken time. So big that one is that is a big one. Josh thinks we can eat those. I don’t know. I don’t think that want to take a chance at all. Look at the size of that thing. Those are my 10 by 40 twos and that’s a mushroom. I think is giant I mean, maybe you guys have seen bigger, but for me that’s probably one of the biggest puff balls I’ve seen it looks like a puff ball. Oh man, all freaking day we start out with two elk sheds. Then we go all day. We move spots and we haven’t found anything else, except people signed until now just found a little deadhead deer. So four key, thank you think. Thank you.

She is nothing special, but it’s better than nothing. Let’s keep going where’s that row where’s mom the days over Wow. That’s two trips: now, where I mean this one, we did find the deadhead, but that is two trips in a row where we have found one set of little elk sheds in the whole time it looked so promising. I cannot figure it out. I have been racking my brains like that’s what I do, the majority of the time I’m out there is I’m like trying to dissect everything, important checking, elevations constantly looking at the way the ground is the land flows and stuff. It’s just all day long and there we should have been milk sheds. We should have been way more yep, so it is what it is. Another area two areas are marked off the list and we’re just going to keep picking away. Eventually, I bet this is a big state with a lot of animals in a lot of country. We just got to learn it. We haven’t even went, but almost six months to the day we’re getting ready to go on it’s time to go. Put up cameras. Oh, my goodness, that’s like Disneyland yep. I’m excited to get some hunting over there. I go through those, so anyways guys, sorry for the slow day, but I don’t know about it. We tried so we’re going to just keep trying we’ll see you guys on the next one later.


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