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Want A Successful Archery Hunt

Good morning, all right guys here we go. This is our day for, even though yesterday we took a day off from hunting because of everything we had going. Travis came to town got the trailer loaded up for 13b and everything pretty much ready to go he’s. Leaving he’s problem road right now head now we’re going to hunt today and then we’re going out tomorrow. So it’s going to be an interesting day. It’s raining. It is dumping right now, Britt said she’s been here at Thunder all night, anything I’m dead to the world. When I sleep it’s lightning so much here we go. Let’s go see if we can slay a buck in the in the storm should be interesting.

Remember last year, on Oak Creek, on your last day, it was, I know, did it to me out last day last year, huh, I’m not saying 100 %. This is my last day of archery just being safe. All right, we’ll see you today, you both HI guys. We are going to go in a little walkabout right here and check a couple drawers. We could see them from the other side of the mountain, so we know there’s deer in them. We just can’t see yeah. We just can’t see what so we’re going to try to come in over the top and glass a little bit and see what’s kickin in these drawers, I’m a Brit alongside Brendan camera for me and who knows, if there’s a buck in there, I might take shot. I don’t know if we’ll see so fogs rolling in and we figured out why all our deer are missing from the spot that we have been hunting. We’Ll talk about that later in the truck, though , [, Music, ]. I would vote that. It’s ends right there, especially if you don’t want to add to your list of to do hi.

What’s up guys, hey the morning, hunt has pretty much come to an end and it was bust. This weather has been awesome feels good. It feels way good. We we were expecting to be rained on all day and we’ve actually been right on the edge of the rain. I mean it’s, it’s crazy. The fog has come in within glassing range of where we’ve been but hasn’t come over the top. So it’s the weather is awesome, actually was wearing a jacket this morning, which this time of year is very rare. But let’s talk about something: let’s talk about ground blinds and how to utilize ground blinds, and hopefully this will help you guys out there that have wondered, questioned and maybe you’ve been doing it wrong and maybe you’ve done it this way and it’s worked. But I promise you, it was a fluke and it won’t always work that way, especially if you’re dealing with bigger deer, mature deer, but guys, if you’re going to use a ground blind to hunt out of their great. I love them. I promote them.

They are an awesome, awesome tool tool to use to help you harvest the deer with with your bow or gun, or first hunters or anything but anyways. If you’re going to be hunting, mature deer with them, you’ve got to use them right and the only way that you’re ever going to be successful. Shooting a mature deer out of a ground blind is you have to set it up? There’s two things that happen need to happen: one you have to set it up way ahead of time. You cannot just pack this thing to the top of the mountain set it up and get in it and expect to be successful. I don’t care what bait you’re using you can throw apples out buck Jam, c’mere deer salt, whatever it is, it’s the only thing that you might get an opportunity at is a young naive, buck or dose and stuff like that. Mature deer they’re not going to mess with it, they can smell it. It’s moving in the wind. It’s it’s different. These deer know what their surroundings in their homeland is like. They know when something new pops up in something new or something goes away.

So you have to you, have to put it up ahead of time, putting some time in that’s right. So if you’re going to use one like we use them on the strip all the time we use them in Utah all the time, but we’ve scouted the area or we’re running trail cameras. So we kind of know what deer in the country – and we put it in an area at minimum two weeks before the hunt minimum two weeks before the hunt. If we do have to put one up during the hunt or move one, we will not sit it for a couple days. It’s just it’s got to get. They got it used to it, because if something, if a mature deer sees that pop-up all sudden he’s not going to come into water, but if it’s been sitting there a bit and he’s gets used to it, he will number two. You have to brush him in you’ve got a kind day. I know they’re camouflaged and everything, but yeah you have to brush them in guys. You got ta put them. You know in some tree you let put some tree limbs up around them Brent. You know. Whatever take some time brush it in put it cut a pocket out in some oak brush or something and get it back in there secure it, try to make it to where it doesn’t whip and move around. If the wind’s blowing that’s the worst thing, it’s it’s an it’s, not natural, it’s not like a branch or a tree or any of that it’s it does. It makes so much they’re great for covering scent. But if, if you think you’re like I said, if you think you’re going to pack a ground blind to the top of a hill set, it up sitting it and be successful on a mature deer, you’re crazy, absolutely crazy, you’re ruining it for those yeah.

So the the thing that’s brought this up, as I see this every single year, but the spot we’ve been hunting the spot that we’ve been scouting the spot. That has my number one through three deer in it has been a boss since opening day we’ve seen my number three deer opening morning and haven’t haven’t seen anything well, we just figured out why, every day I’ve been telling you guys that somebody come up over the Top of that hill, the hill that you can’t hunt doing that you just can’t it just ruins that whole area well, on the north side of that hill. That they’ve been coming over the top of there’s a ground blind sitting right out in the wide open and they’ve, probably got some salt or some buck jam or apples down or something in front of it. And the reason is they probably glossed up there from the road and seen some deer there’s two issues with where he’s got his blind. One he’s right in the middle of their bed for the most part or their path to the bed and and the only way to get to his blind is to go through all the deer that are feeding he’s. Just scattering him and then he’s sitting in it. Hoping something happens, he’s entering it the completely wrong way. I mean, there’s no there’s you can’t just see a deer and go I’m going to put a ground blind right there.

So I mean I’m trying to help you out, so you can be more successful, but on top of it, I’m trying to help her people too. So you’re not blowing it for them. You know I mean if that guy goes up there and shoots a deer. That’s awesome, that’s great! If he shoots my number one through three. That’s awesome, that’s great, but what I’m seeing and all my experience he’s just ruining that whole mountain for everybody where he’s located and it’s just because of lack of not knowing. He doesn’t know that mountain I’ve put $ 100 on it. He’s got California plates. I don’t know like I said more than likely he lost up there from the road and said: oh there’s, some deer, so frustrating but strip starts tomorrow.

We leave for the strip, so I’m kind of hemming and hawing on what to do. For the rest of the day. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to get ready. I’ve got some stuff on this truck that really needs some attention and could use some tender. Loving care, but I also want to kill a deer so debating on what we are going to do. I don’t know I guess we’ll have to sit and talk about it over some breakfast or something so see you guys in a bit thanks for falling along. We appreciate it very much, I’m glad we didn’t have to do anything more than break into our own home. I was great now we need to put in the proper security measures, so that can’t happen again and I could use a nap right now, but still really going to open were they in the house.



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