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What Pack is That

Just a quick video of the pack I’m using when Racken Elk Sheds!!!
Its one of our most asked questions lately.

All right, so I’ve, been getting asked a lot. What pack I’m using in all my YouTube videos here, picking up elk sheds and this isn’t, my only pack I use. I use others that’s just right now. This is my favorite.

It’s, usually my favorite for elk or those warm warmer long summer days for deer, just because it is so much lighter than most, and it holds the bare essentials. Really easy, so what I’ve done is. This is just enough had these, I’ve had this for years, that’s.

What I love about these aluminum pack frames is when they last forever, but all it is in the Cabela’s. Cabela’s model aluminum pack frame, you know, and you guys know, pack frames. I don’t have to explain pack frames to you guys how they work and everything and where the bags you know you can buy optional bags to go with these things.

So what I did basically, because I wanted to keep it light and small, as I found this come on a sale one time this is just one of those little small, Keltie, hydration packs. You see use this a lot when we go on vacation and stuff because it was light, and I carry our essentials and stuff like that for the kids and the wife and stuff, but basically it’s.

Just a water bladder type backpack, I attached it to the pack frame, you know get creative couple. Zip ties nothing special, but I attached it to the pack. For the simple fact of I want to build a hot water that’s.

Its number one priority and baby wipes. Obviously those are a must, but yeah I mean I fit several bottles of water in here. My five seven is in here just cuz. I just right now with elk. It seems when I wear this on my side.

It rubs a lot, so I’ve, been sticking it in my back and then I got a Leatherman in here and that’s. Pretty much there’s, a couple of band-aids down in there too, but that’s pretty much. The contents of what is in my pack, I mean, depending on the time of the year, depends on whether or not that how much water I do put in here.

I can put eight bottles in this pack or I can just take the bottles out completely and add my one of my water bladders so, but I got two rolls of duct tape with me at all time and some mule tape just cuz.

You never know when you need a good rope so but yeah I mean couple bungee cords to help attach things and some electrical tape and ready to go it’s like I said it’s lightweight it’s very Strong and it holds the weight perfectly so makes a lot of sense.

I mean I grew up using these things in Idaho when we used to pack elk out. So this is, this is pretty much it the base model of how we packed all our elk out and quarters. So I just kind of adapted it and now use it for sheds.


pack, pack, pack, pack

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