Where Are All The Deer! Arizona Hunt Vlog #4

Where Are All The Deer

Good morning, guys all right, we are sitting up on top of this hill class and all this country just trying to turn up some deer. So it’s day four day four of the hunt and should be a good day, fingers crossed it’s nice and cold this morning.

It was 20 20 degrees this morning we all got ready to leave the rig so up here. It’s probably a little cooler because the wind’s blowing upon us, but it feels like it’s going to be a good day. I can feel it so fingers crossed we’re back to the ranch house for a little lunch and we’re going to go back out. No shooters this morning seems some deer, just nothing. Nothing suitable. I was a little tough. This morning, went and tried a new area. Well, a new area for this hunt: it’s not a new area. I know it pretty well, but I just want to see where the deer, the deer in they’re , not trying to figure him out they’re , pretty spread out right now and they’re , not there.

So we’re going to go back into the stuff, we’re in last night, where we had the Miss on the buck and hopefully turn him up again or maybe something different fingers crossed, but go in heat some eat some lunch and make a game plan for this afternoon. It’s been a slow day for deer movement and we’ve only seen a handful of those not one buck. Yet it’s pretty warm too, so, basically we’re just going to set up and just glass as much as we can. Looking all the shade, all the ledges every draw. Every Canyon and hopefully we’ll be able to pull something out of it we should be able to, but if not, I’m going to give her hell again tomorrow, we’ll get something down, I’m sure so many cactus in my leg from the strip, all right guys and just Hiking the river bottom here along the Rim, Glasson down I’m doing some glass and all the shade, shady side to the hills, just looking for bed, a deer and then I’ll glass in the river bottom. As much as I can too, I love this country.

It’s just there’s a lot of people thatthat are hunting this and it makes it really tough, sometimes to keep turning up a deer or a buck and hunting them consistently. If you don’t make a count, the first go around. Sometimes you never get another one on that deer. So look at that sunset, beautiful hunk, any it is it’s not like the one at willows. Is it no? It’s not like the one right here. Hey all right, we’re back to the ranch house.

It’s died this day day. Four and today was tough. It was rough we only seen and nine doze yeah nine dose today. No nothing else. I mean it. Was this rough, hey guys all right, so we’re just sitting here at the ranch house. Doing the same thing get ready for bed taking showers watching TV, but I’m sitting here on Google Earth just kind of looking at the country today was tough. We we see nine knows today. That’s it nothing else, so we’re kind of shifting gears a little bit. We’ve had a lot more pressure because of the weekend, a lot of guys came in and have just made it a little bit tougher. It’s public lands. I mean it is what it is. There’s no worries about it, but because of it, it’s going to start slowing down, but I don’t want to wait before it starts slowing down. So we’re going to put together a plan tonight, I’m sitting on Google Earth and just kind of going over the country.

We’re not going to be far from where we’ve been hunting, we’re just going to try to get away from the and the easier access stuff, but we’re kind of limited. As far as how much would you get away so we’re we’re punting a little bit as far as changing up plans. Water is not an option. There’s water everywhere from that big storm that moved in it’s pretty much just blasting and spawn stock. So I’m going to show you guys real quick, a little bit so when I get on Google Earth, you know basically I’ll take the area of where I’m we’re going to be hunting and I’m going to zoom in and pretty much from there I’m going to start Looking at where all the waters are for for starters and then from there, I’m going to start looking at the way the countries built the way that this draws run north-south, east-west, how much brush we got in them and then from there. I start looking at how close I’ll get the measuring tool out and I’ll start looking, how close we are to roads and, if that that units that that spots, not verynot very far, then we’re going to move over to the next spot and I’m going to do the exact same thing: what’s the closest waters, you know, then I’m start looking at the cuts where’s the draws you know, feeding up off what is what’s growing in them.

I mean you can’t tell exactly what’s going in them on YouTube or YouTube on Google Earth, but you you can get a pretty good idea as to how thick of vegetation and really what kind of trees are there. Are they juniper or they pine? Are they? You know some sticky pokey thing like everything in Arizona, southern Arizona butyeah and then from there I’m going to look at roads. How far are all the roads? If we don’t have any roads that are super close, then I’m going to start. Looking at all right, what point is going to be the best point to glass off of so like? Let’s say at this point right here, so I’ll put the cursor on it. I’m going to look and see what the elevation is on that point and then I’m going to compare it to the bottom and then I’m going to compare it to the draw that we’re going to be glassing for the country. We’re going to be glossing and that’s kind of I’m. You know from there I’m pretty much hoping that it’s going to work out. If it doesn’t there’s always there’s this country there’s always somewhere. You can get up on really quick and in class, but we’re pretty much going to live behind the by nose. We’re going to live behind the by nose.

Tomorrow, like we have been pretty much every day, we’ve been moving today, we did things a little bit different because of all the people everywhere we want I wanted to be. There was already people there, so we covered country today and we just tried to find the deer. I eliminated a bunch of stuff that I had on on the list. As far as you know, are the deer they’re that big storm coming in just kind of jacked everything up, because it really wasn’t enough, but it was enough to make it to where it wasn’t enough to get the animals moving like they normally should. But it was enough to where it’s got everything just spread out. I mean there are they’re everywhere they’re , just we don’t have much of a rut going on at all, we’ve seen a few deer, a few bucks whip toes, but not rutting nose.

So, tomorrow we’re going to go back into some country that we can see a lot of, and hopefully we can put some socks together and just keep going at it. I mean the more socks we put together. The more we’re going to be successful. So just can’t give up got, keep having fun it’s not over till it’s over all right guys got done going over Google Earth and making a game plan for tomorrow, and I had to get my bed resituated and set up, because I wasn’t sleeping very good. It was, I slept like crap last night, and I bet his his bed was just not not comfortable at all. It’s a little too stiff little too hard for me. So I got the canvas cutter out and we now we got a big comfortable bed, so should be all good butyeah. It was a good day. We’re hunting. It can’t not be a good day when you’re hunting, but we didn’t see any bucks. So that’s the only downside, but after going over Google Earth, I think we got a pretty solid game plan for tomorrow and we’re going to get up early and go give er hell. We see or that’s what we’re day for we got three more days left.

So plenty of time plenty of time. I appreciate everything guys today’s a little shorter, but we’re going to try to start getting a few more things on video tomorrow I got some plans and I just got ta tell myself, you know record record record it just it gets. It gets hard when I’m guiding because the clients they come first, I mean the last thing I want to do – is slow anything down or jeopardize anything cuz, I’m trying to run camera.

So that’s why I’m not getting very many animals on or the actual stock, because I mean I’m in game mode and, like I said I just I don’t want. I don’t want this to become an issue with their hunt and I hope you guys understand that and bear with me because you know, as the hunts go on we’ll get better at it yeah. So it’s we’re going to get in the shower, watch the TV for a minute and then get to bed. So thanks for watching and hopefully hear you’re staying tuned in and enjoying the content, I’m going to keep busting my butt to put better content out every day. So, oh by the way, thank you, everybody for all the get Wells, soon posts and comments about how I was feeling feeling awesome. Now I have got some allergy medicine from Walgreens and no more sinus headache, so yeah we’re doing good. Now we just got a get a friend a buck. We got a kill buck so I’ll see you guys tomorrow later


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