Whoa that thing is Gigantic, you should run! “INQUEST 2018” ANTLER TRADER

Whoa that thing is Gigantic

Oh JA, don’t do that I’m riding on the windows. You got ta clean it do you want. It looks like it yeah. I read it plus to everybody else. It says rule it to gnaw at something like that. Oh it’s all gone all right. We’re out here. on today on this fine Sundy, it’s very beautiful, 41 degrees, Nicole hoping that warms up, because I did not wear my leggings today, because I’ve been having to take them off and this pain in the butt it has cuz. It’s been getting warmth. I don’t want a mud in here. It’s muddy, we had some rain. Finally, you got some good rain rain for like two days straight, which is what this place needed, so we’re going out to a hopefully we’re hoping to find some big antlers today, right, nope.

Okay, you want to say no, we got Jaden with us today, brynlee, Oh last night. She was all for it, she’s like no. She wasn’t. Yes, she was, and then this morning no she said she was going and then this morning she’s like um, I just barely went so we’re like okay, sleepover sheds. Whatever did a Starbucks turn it down yeah, we even tried forever, but she decided to sleep. So that’s what she’s doing well we’re shed a tear in Maggie okay going to do some video like such great song, and now this song I was going to show you guys like serious fly station is fly slide. I’m dancing and these boys are like you can’t dance Mike yeah. Can you want to see our tape, India? I wish you guys could see him if I point the camera towards him, though you’ll see way too much, and I just can’t have that cuz. That boy gets mad. If I don’t watch my backgrounds, social media is ruining , oh dang, alright, alright, guys here we go, it is a beautiful Sunday morning and we’re hunting has Britta’s already told you, but now we’re actually park. Our hiking boots are on our packs, are on and we’re ready to go yep we’re ready, ready, rock’, n’roll fruit church today, yes, sir, yes, yes, ma’am, yes, God’s church! So let’s go. We go. Let’s go find some shoes. Nice work he’s going to video, picking it up. Kailua guard pretty flat. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hey you, kids come on Earth shed Jose day blast it up way up. On top of this mountain to my right, it’s pretty good like that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, yay. Not that one out of the way. I love that I like to get the first one out of the way and I don’t even care what it is and then I feel good because I’m not like in my head all day like I haven’t, had anything I have found anything yet and it’s pretty Early on so well, I’m going to pan down there see if Remy figures it out or not she’s been doing pretty good how you shred Remy finds Chad Remy penny shape. Are you already tired, we’ll do a water break since we’re stopping anyway sucker all right? When I get down here, so I thought the whole time yay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Remy bring it here. She freaked him lost. She lost one of my horns last weekend. I couldn’t find it. She ran off with it and it was in the trees and I couldn’t find it and it wasn’t really worth trying to find, but she stole it from me this one’s a good one. I don’t want it to go anywhere. Yay yay, my radio is dead for some reason, so I have to change up my batteries.

Okay, guys it is a little walkie-talkie action, I’m still down here in the bottom, just working these bridges, yeah. Okay, I saw – I probably can see them. I’m walking that way. So anywho me Andrew, we just went a whole opposite direction, then the boys they anyways, they went a whole nother way. I decided I wanted to kind of hit some lower stuff. It looked intriguing to me and yeah. So that’s what we’re out here doing like I said it’s about 4:30, so we’re heading back to the truck ish. I mean we it’s daylight savings, so we do still have about 3-4 hours of daylight, but I want to get closer to the [ Applause ] job. Doing a whole bottle of water, all by yourself can we pack extra for you huh. You found your ball. You got ta find it said. You know you got my shed and then you get have your ball come on. Everybody shed don’t find it so Brit glassing away, and I got a shake last up right here in the bottom of the saddle, and then I got another one over all. I got another one over on the hillside and chase actually down there on the back side. He he was clicked in a shed. He glossed up, so he just come up over the top. I’m going to have him bird dog the one and then I’m going to go down and drop and pick this one up Brits having a conniption she’s like. Why have you not gone that went got that yet yeah she’s, like it’s giant? What are you doing? Go get it so I’m going to go and leave my stuff right here and I’m going to run down and grab it and come back up. You May use my tripod, not a hundred percent, but we’ll be right back, so I was taking pictures [, Music, ] laying right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, like. I said, this year’s cool way play bigger to exact same look. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you good day.

All right guys. We came back to the truck to have a . What are you having yeah forgot, peanut butters, how much of the time she got a couple yeah, and then I got these at the store holding notes. They do goal with a nugget is what they’re called and they basically look like a rotten orange. So I’m going to give it a try, see if they’re good. If it’s a golden nugget, it should be good I’ll. Let you know it’s juicy. Are you getting in? Is it can you see? Any of that? Are you seeing? Are you seeing me peel those orange people? Oh nice, that’s very satisfying when that comes out all perfect and lick and reveal a beautiful little golden nugget.

All right. Let’s try it they’re good. You should buy him what ya done we’re hustling back to the truck there’s my last one of the day. That’s so funny! The truck is literally like not that far, but at least now I can say well, I don’t know if you can call that to Fred’s. Hey hey guys, we made it back to the truck and I’m going to show you what kind of progress we had today. Um. Second half of the trip looked bueno, but was not. I just found that old crusty one on the way back, but we had a good day other than that. Josh is the Y & M out the day’s fine post that that he found to cut a found some chubby? What did you call him J there Janet? He was saying a weird cactus, but he May not have had it weird, so this would be looking at him head-on. He might have said something what Jaden found this cool geode today and if you can hear something in the background that’s Josh enjoying his orange. It’s the tangerine, it’s a golden nugget, like I told you guys earlier, it was good, but it wasn’t like. Oh my god. No actually, that orange I had was way better.

All right, we made it in the truck and we’re all packed up. The day has come to an end: everybody have fun. Did you have fun real huh? Is your eye? Your ball? You look pretty tired. You run aha, oh you’re fun. Can I see that rock again? Alright? So thanks guys for watching it was a fun Sunday, Sunday, Funday the best kind of fun day Sunday. I thought today was Saturday, though so that kind of screwed it up yeah, but it was fun. We had a blast, the was horrible. I apologize for any audio that was a little out of control yeah. We can’t control the wind so but anyway, it was a good day. We found sheds and we’re not going to end it. So thanks for watching, we appreciate you very much please like subscribe and comment and if you guys got any suggestions, any questions hit us up. They take care, you say bye, real, no Jay! No, we’re not saying hi!



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Whoa that thing is Gigantic, Whoa that thing is Gigantic, Whoa that thing is Gigantic, Whoa that thing is Gigantic, Whoa that thing is Gigantic

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