Wyoming Opener Shed Hunting for Elk & Mule Deer (Antler Trader)

Shed Hunting for Elk

I hit the Wyoming opener for the first time with buddies Levi Jordt & Jared Steele in hopes of filling packs with antler and see new country it was a lot of work and fun!!


Alright, what’s going on y’all, so here we go it’s 11:50 7:00. At night we are just now getting on the road hit. The freeway we’re heading up north we’re going to meet LevI and Jared going after elk, deer, moose and Wyoming tomorrow’s the opener we’re leaving I’m going to meet them. I should be a chair Taos by about 3:00 3:30 somewhere right in there and we are hitting the road at 4 a.m. for Wyoming.

So I was going to try to get up too early, but my daughter it was supposed to have tournaments today for high school softball. I didn’t pan out, so I just spent the day with them and relaxed and chill now we’re on the road. So I’m going to drive all night and shed on all day. It should be awesome, epic. I better get a damn shirt or some type of token for driving this car to go, shut, honey inside joke. Yes, they do guys. Here we go midnight last night. All the way up, my chair, my up all jumped in the trucks morning and finish driving got up here about. Oh no, probably eight 38 right there for the wyoming opener here and found the spot where too many vehicles have been backing. It doesn’t look like it’s been hit yet, and fish just been shooting straight up this, this hill right here trying to get to the top super windy super cold. Thank you blends in pretty good there in that yellow grass this’ll Whitehorn even last year, maybe two years old. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So swing you trying to get through this stuff all day long. It’s exhausting! That’s for sure. I guess when, when walkins just too tough just lay on your side start rolling all right. So finally, it’s like probably five 35-ish right in there. Jarrod’s been kicking, but he’s God thank you. [ __, ] tup earlier first spot we hit. He found, I think, four or five Browns little brown up sheds. I think he’s got four or five leave. I found three elk sheds first spot I found to leave. I said I think it’s zero right now that I know of but we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you, alright.

So follow me back to the truck there. They were like 30 feet. Apart. No kid wide open, no one face Jared killed it. I found nine and a moose three-point deer, , guys wild dude we’re weird a little sighs, Oh Levi’s, in the truck getting impatient. He didn’t find any that’s how it goes. You watch last time he did this yeah yeah. He hit pay dirt and kicked all our butts man. That’s a long hike. Oh we’re ! The jacked up me, like my electrical tape, repair all right day, two just got to where we’re going parking, the truck we got a road shed. I am going to video. You just in case right off the top of this Bank right. Yes, you jumping down what’s happening so we’re working up this. This draw here heading towards these trees. Then we’re going to go up over the top and do some glasses. But I don’t know if I changed my mind now after this wild find out here, beefy some little kids going to be mad, see that we got a little shed bucks goal here for gold youngin we’re kill, looks like hey you’re , that arctic circle little Easter rabbit.

So looks like this country’s been poached already as far as sheds. First sheds go butjust getting go on the backpack. Hopefully freeze good luck! He’s working down over the top of this here and right down below me here. It looks like we got antelope skull. How we got to this wild hold er hold oh right there old enough that the horns are running a lot of sign as far as carcasses. I don’t know if it’s winter kill coming first here. Finally little white chalky. I think you think thank you all right, so it’s been a bit been slow, I’m finding dear, but that’s about it, but nothing big. Either everybody’s found a little bit of deer. Finally, we got another little set here. No for corn say thank you think. Thank you. Think, thank you actually brown, but I’ve been down the ground long. What looks to be a brown? Thank you. Thank you little for broken Beamer. Thank you. Oh there’s, the other side right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Finally, what is the baby almost to me? Five called crime, all the other mountain range crossed, drop back down, climbed all the way up this one and finally finally found a brown elk shed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you right here. It still got blood on it. He didn’t drop that long ago, Wow yeah man, where’s the rest, we’re doing all right, though I mean jared, is hey. I guess this is George trip, though monster I found one today, one one and I found the other side to that one I found yesterday up there, hey yeah, I mean you got all right.

So here is the end result of three days in Wyoming of me. Jared and LevI pound in the country, that’s uh. That’s a lot of hard work for a lot of little horn. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty much good yeah every bit of it’s been poached. What good’s an opener, oh yeah, check out my pink rabbit. I found that. No, no that’s an Easter rabbit check out. Oh yeah yeah, we weren’t showing the big stuff. Nobody cares about the big stuff so yeah three days how many we got there! Boys count them. Okay, so final count on everything is 54 54 sheds in three days in Wyoming on the opener and Believe It or Not. Most of those deer horns right there are brown they’re just in Wyoming brown, they look white but yeah, so it was fun. The shed hunting with friends is a ball. Don’T get me wrong, but that was a lot of work and we were in some steep country for yeah.

This was George trip most of the elk for Jared I mean I found one tooth. I found five little elk sheds, eight or nine. Maybe ten deer sheds Jared picked up – probably 16 17 elk sheds and LevI found the biggest deer shed. So I mean he’s not going to go home that empty-handed Willis. How many did you find Willis, not a goddamn? One Lou this freak elk shuddered picked up. That’s big! I wonder if I could pass that it’s three-point deer shells put down on the buy/sell side, giant three-point giant, three-point freak, Oh injured, picked up two moose that bad boy and that bad boy seen a lot of moose. So this is how my horn, buyer buys horn.


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