You Call That Camping? Watch the different methods we use to set up camp Episode#4! Antler Trader

Set up camp – # 4

Is there a certain way or style to camp to be considered camping? We don’t think so and we love changing it up! Camping is staying anywhere in the hills.
A few short clips of how we do what we do when we are in the field either hunting, shed hunting, or guiding.

All right, what’s up so just got back to the truck it’s late,I’m exhausted, but I figured I wanted to show you guys kind of a little bit about how I do what I do just for fun. I mean I’m always interested to see how other guys do things too. I’M always wanting to learn butway, I do what I’m doing and I’ve adapted this I used to be the kind of guy that took everything I mean I was over prepared. You can ask some of my best friends and show Downton partners about it. I had everything man and now I was pretty much I’m down to the bare minimum. I mean my truck is set up the way it’s set up all the time to fix it anywhere. I might be able to go and stay a couple days I mean my truck is always ready to go but trying something a little new this year and I normally do a bed roll in a car which I got my bed roll back here and I got My sleeping bag, actually out of my bed rule just because it’s a plenty warming up in the truck, so I pretty much just added a whole bunch of pads and and some stuff on the floors at the end of the seats just to kind of level. Everything out and then just built it up with a whole bunch of bed rolls.


I got the kids bed rolls and stuff in here and the wife’s, and then I sleep in the back this way I don’t have anything to unload. I don’t have anything to put together take down, I mean nothing. I literally just have to get up and get dressed, and I can I can stay. I can go, I mean it doesn’t matter, it’s been fun doing it this way. I’M not always like this. Just this time of year days are short. I want to get as much out of them as I can. I don’t want to be screwing around with setting stuff up taking stuff down to move. I don’t want moving to be a chore, but other times you know. I I’ll take I’ll bring the Coleman camp chef cooker I’ll bring stuff like that, and mills are different stuff, but that’s when the days are long and the weather’s really nice it’s cold. Now I don’t do fires when I’m by myself. It’s just it’s a lot of work for nothing. In my opinion, I pretty much being in the truck is where I’m warm, so I might as well. You know make the truck to where I can kind of live in it for a couple nights a week. I mean it’s not that long, but it’s worked out going to  dive, like this kind of hit right here, just very, very minimal. Like I said, I can move anytime, I want right now I can go to bed or I can move. I don’t have to die, don’t even have to get out the truck here. It is our annual New Year celebration trip where we spend the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s shed Hunton Y grandma grandpa tech kids. So we don’t get to do this very often. So when we do it, we we pretty much waste every day.


We have shed hunting together so but doing things will different this trip too, we probably would have got out of there little sooner, if we would have done it. The same ol same ol, but we figure we want to try to stay warm when we sleep and make life easy last year was super uncomfortable yeah back in that forward. Last year we slept in the tent and photo oh yeah. That’s right! Andrew me, a cheater way out yep yeah you’re before that we slept in the back of the face in that word, really cold and squishy. So this year we got Brits rig out here, and I’ve been wanting to do this with this rig for God, since the day we bought it brand new. This thing is this: is what this thing set up? What I’m here, I’ve been talking about doing this since day, one pretty much the way the seats laid down in this thing it makes it goes all flat, so I’m able to I’m able to get a pretty good size bed bill back here with padding and Bengals. Like the little bit shy of a queen, we got the dogs with us because there’s nobody at home, so yeah, it’s not too bad good, sleep, nice and comfortable and warm I mean you can see how much room you can see how much room the two of Us have, I can lay all the way out so yeah we’re going to  have fun, see what we can do for sheds, so peace out 2015.


It’s so I think August fifth or sixth, we’ve been out here since the first second somewhere in there, and this is camp. This is where we’ve been staying we’re here till next week the magic happens, baby yeah, yeah, Big D on their time in our suite raincover Taj Mahal baby, oh yeah, there we are new Travis throughout setting cameras on 13a. What is today’s 14th July fourteenth 2015? Just getting things going, hey got some pork chops on the grill here, we’re just can’t opener yeah, I tell you open a can of AIDS with the back of the night, we’re we’re running on bare escentuals out here, but we got good food and where I’m fun, So seen a lot of good bucks, it’s going to be a going to  be an awesome year on 13a this year, so stay tuned, we’ll be posting some cool video. Here shortly of some cool dear we videoed the sworn in, and stud antelope. We got got some good video of a study on the way up to so we’ll have all that posted up, so you guys can check it out so peace out

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