You Won’t Believe What That Antler Scores! Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunt Vlog #2

Antler Scores

Babysitting today got all the youngsters running up here to check me out. I’m seeing her glass good morning guys. I had its day too. We just got done sitting up on this point glass in a whole bunch of country, soft, some doze and that’s about it. So we’re going to drop off this get in the rig and relocate to another vantage point I know oven. Hopefully we can turn up some box a lot of a lot of lone doze running around for some reason, but it’s day two, it’s a beautiful day.

It’s supposed to be warm today, actually which really sucks, but oh well, if this keeps up after we had all that rain for a couple days, we might start sitting water –, we’ll see a little bit later, what’s up guys alright, so we got the morning hunt And done it’s about one o’clock right now and we got back the ranch house had some lunch got Travis all loaded up he’s on his way. He’s got to go, get ready for the show in California, and so now it’s just me and the boys for the next six days counting today and so we’re getting ready to go, find some deer.

It’s been tough lots of dose no bucks yet no, but no shooter bucks, but hopefully our luck to change alright guys. We just got done off the mountain and it’s time to eat good job. Everything Kenny you ready for some pizza, yeah yeah, all right guys. We’ve made it back to the ranch house: mmm got done with dinner pizza and now it’s time to back relax get shower it’s bed, so we can get up and do it again in the morning. It wasn’t a very eventful day. As far as deer go. We seen we seen deer but wait to see really any bucks worth putting stock on hunting anything so and on top of it I was really bad at video and today sorry, I just am all day long.

I’ve had this nagging sinus headache going on my right side. I don’t know what’s getting to me today or what, but it’s just it’s kind of taking a little bit out of me. You hundred inches a blue star in a feature s part of 100 inches there. You go guys 100 inches right on the money. Let me give or take Nate there. So so today’s hunt videos, I said it’s pretty uneventful, we’ll get better at it and hopefully we’ll start seeing some more deer and stuff so well. We will. It’s just got ta find him got to turn them up, so I’m fun it’s day. Two got this for seven days and then another seven day. So we should have a lot of video by the end of all this. But I appreciate everything and look forward to hearing you guys’s comments and see what you guys think and what you guys want to see. More of so let me know, love I’m. You guys got questions asked. You know, I’m all ears and I’m here to help. So let me know thanks for watching, please subscribe and see you tomorrow.


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