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Hunting Easter Antlers

Hey guys, I’m going to do a quick Easter vlog for you guys today it is Easter Sunday coming up this weekend, so I figured it’s the perfect time for me to share how we celebrate Easter and our family and of course it involves shed hunting and antlers, Which makes all the sense in the world because, as I’m sure you guys have heard it called many times, it’s kind of like a big Easter egg shed hunting is like a big Easter egg hunt like for adults, so I’ve incorporated antlers into our traditions, and I Wanted to share that with you guys. Our kids are a little bit older now, so they are not interested in this anymore. So hopefully you guys can carry on the tradition for us here going throughout the year. Is I save like all the little antlers and like chalky ones, ones that are not that important to us and I make a stockpile of them and then, when Easter comes, I’ve got a whole bunch of them. I have a bunch of spray paint stocked up and we just turned the kids loose when we celebrate Easter in the Hills every year. Pretty much I don’t know. If we will, this year, we’ve got a lot going on with everything else, but usually we’re up in the hills.

So the spray paint I’m not even worried about it. It’s the kids, just they have a heyday. They have so much fun. So I just like save up antlers like these, this little tiny wands that are easily handled, that they can spray paint and have fun with top gear ones, older ones ones. That, like I say, don’t necessarily matter to you are great ones to start with and then just get a bunch of cheap spray paint. You could do acrylic paint, that’s going to prolong your event quite a lot, but if that’s what you want to do, you could use acrylic paints from like the craft store or whatever spray paints, a little quicker for us and usually by the time, we’ve gotten to That point, we have a lot more things that we’ve got to get done and we usually do it before the kids go to bed on Easter. The Easter Eve, I guess, is what you would call it. So that’s how we get everything started. We just set up cardboard and stuff on the ground, for the kids give them. Usually each kid gets like about eight antlers each and then spray paint they spray paint them. However, they want, they can use multiple colors, whatever they have fun.

One thing you do want to remember is to get gold spray paint, because that is the magic like. That’s the big lottery winner, if you will of antlers to find so make sure you get some gold spray paint saying just if I can go, the gold antler is the grand prize. What Josh and I do is we get a piece of paper and we write down the colors of each antler and what their prize is worth so say: we’ve got a pink antler, green antler, whatever we say, okay, the pink antler is worth this price and all Of the the prizes are like family related they’re meant to like bring the family together, one on one like sometimes we’ll do like a dad date to the movie, or you get a pick. What’s for dinner, like all kinds of different things like that stuff, that’s like getting them engaged, not just giving them stuff, and – and it’s not like about candy and all of that stuff. It’s it’s about family time and stuff like that.

That’s how we design our prize system. You can obviously do it. However, you want, but I just think that’s a it’s. It’s funner, it’s better than giving them a toy that they’re going to play with for, like maybe a day and lose or whatever like. This is something they have. They can look forward to something that they’re part of, and I know my kids always responded really well to that. So that is a suggestion for how to set up the price system. You could also just you know, let them find the antlers, and just you know you just make it yours, but that’s how we do it is each antler has a value and we have it written down ahead of time and after we have set up all the Antlers, which is what we do is we go out and we hide them for the kids, obviously, and when they’re coming in they’ve got their stockpile each each kid has their stockpile. We try to keep it as even as we can so like one. Kid doesn’t get like 15 antlers and one gets four antlers or whatever we try to keep it as even as we can so that they they get equal prizes. So once one kid finds, eight antlers they’re done so the other kid he might be out there. Circling the grounds for a while, but he will get his a.m.

I’m going to go through some of our old photos, kind of just show you how we used to do it. I might have some old video of us actually doing it. I’m not sure we weren’t really into videoing what we were doing yet. So I don’t know I’ll, have pictures and stuff that I’m going to put into this video. If you have any questions, leave them down below and I will keep an eye out so that I can answer them for you. It’s pretty self explanatory, but I don’t think a lot of people think about this people that love shed hunting and stuff like, of course, we like integrate antlers into like everything we do. So this totally made sense for us and the kids love it. They have so much fun because they know that mom and dad they find sheds and then you’ve got them out there they’re finding sheds and it totally it like. Mixer , like that port, is basically like a line yeah that you don’t go past and then there’s a tree back here. I’ll tell you how your by one you were. So hopefully you guys can add this into your guys’s family traditions. I hope that you guys have a great Easter, please like subscribe and comment and we’ll see you next time. Thanks.


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