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Baltoro GTX Hiking Hunting Trekking Boots

Hey: what’s up guys, okay, so we want to do a little introduction and the beginning of a full review that we’re going to be doing this year with our newest sponsor and supporters. Amberlynn we’re going to do an honest to god. True review on these pretty much from start to finish, that’s kind of why we’ve got them now in the box, even though we really I’ve wore mine for three days already at the Western lighting Expo, they weren’t amazing, in the concrete and standing there talking with everybody, But we haven’t them yet no, but we can wait right so to do this review right. We want to start off now with everything while cleaning and you guys got to know what to expect and what we’re going to be in this year. So so, when you guys go to buy your share of these, you can know what to expect from them.

So far, this company is very impressive. Have they built a good mood like these are solid construction? I am going with actually a new model that damn one is. I don’t want to just come out with it total or if it’s just in the US, they are Italian made and base. So as far as North America goes, this is a fairly new boot and this is a great backpacking 1932 and it is about poro GPS. You can go jaqen really look at this compared like that guys. For starters, I’ve already were these secreted into listening Expo and I’m already in love with them. Honestly, I mean, I feel, like ticks, involve a review tonight to later they don’t look cheesy yeah.

Did you know my god? She’s got the pink. I got that orange. We have the good-looking boot, it’s super lightweight. It’s got a great rubber and out here on the toe section and everything on the hill. It’s got the Couture fabric in the middle, to cut down on weight and also gets its good, flexible spots right there. For my feet, it might be duplex a lot right in this area. I so far I have not needed to put insoles in them. I’m pretty happy with the insole that has come with the boot. The height on it is about perfect. For me. I actually took probably a motors I would want to lower, but this one I don’t notice the difference. Just super super. Well, no boot. It’s got a Vibram sole um, just really nice and comfortable. We are going like I said we’re going to do a complete whole review on these bad boys. I will also add the links to both of these boots too, on the dam Roland website in the bottom description area.

So you guys can go to and check them out yourself find hell. This particular song. I could tell you all that stuff, but there’s some of that stuff that I just doesn’t to me. It doesn’t make a nice reading yeah. I want to give you guys an honest and true opinion on them. So that’s what just so you guys know what we have coming and what to expect from us on this channel a little bit more this year, bringing words in sharing what we’re using battle tank. All of them were you wear for this. When you do this exactly yeah, I mean you name it and guys we’re only going to use what we believe in you have. My word on that remember here is pushing a product that we will not wear or sandals and kind of money. Never ever ever. If I don’t like it, if I don’t believe in it, I will not push you on here. You have my word so stay tuned. What’s up guys here, we go part 2 of the damn rule about Toru GTX review.

It’s been about five months now pretty much almost five months a day to receive these boots and been wearing them, and I put a probably well. I know for a fact that, but at least five hundred seventy five point nine miles on these boots almost 576. These things are incredible. As far as durability go the, I have busted through everything you can imagine I’ve into rocks of injuries, just some of the most nasty stuff. With these, with lows on my pack ungodly amount of miles in one day, and these things have held up these things that held up more than any other boot, I’ve ever owned, they’re bulletproof the only issue that I’ve had with them, and it’s really not even an Issue it’s more of just the wear and tear but the rubber and is starting to wear off right there from where I’ve been going through.

I think it jumps out, and really, though I mean how long is deep in the amount of miles I put on them. That’s not bad. I’ve, had you add some shoe goo right back here on this thread on both sides, just because of all of the rock and abrasion that I’ve gone through and I’ve changed up the end of the footbed being sold a couple times and a lot of that has To do with comfort guys – and I don’t know – maybe you guys can help me out on this, because it’s these kind of boots are free me on the sticker, trekking type boots no different than the last I mean the contracts the homologs on Boggs, like I was Running all these super super stiff, trekking type boots. Big GTX did stuff like that hurt my feet. These was a lot less than others, so they’ve been manageable, but it all want to see if I could get rid of that pain. I would be happy. I don’t think it is the boots problem. I think it is something that’s my problem delay on the line, I don’t know, go out something out. I probably need to see a doctor to have something straightened out, but for me it hurts really bad. In most arsal past the stent right there before the toes and then it travels into the toe and like that most stiffer boots. Do that a lot of the like super lightweight, but it won’t last more than a couple trips for me. I don’t get that pain but they’re super soft they’re super lights are super flexible.

So if you guys know what’s going on there, I would love some feedback in everything, but that would be boots. They are awesome guys. I would not have to take one bit to promote these boots to anybody. They’ve been I get that damping completely bulletproof. It’s almost like having a full leather boot with a solid rubber ramp without all that weight and unnecessary insulation. For me, these things are they’re awesome. They are they’re , really really awesome and they’re , not even close to being done. I’ve probably got another five months. Another 500 miles I can probably get out of these things so check your height Darryl in doctoral GTX 1000 hit up Danville in USA in the know. Second, so thanks you



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