Zero Guide Fee Explained with Owner Travis McClendon Antler Trader

Zero Guide Fee Explained

I would call our guys, so we just got the opalescent hunting Expo and this whole time we’ve been the zero guy booth, but Travis here and we’ve been wanting to actually sit down and do a video and explain kind of what zero guy he is. But we’ve were swamped, I mean, and we got to meet a lot of you guys. It was super awesome. I appreciate all the love and support you guys have given us over over the last couple years in doing this, and did I actually get to meet and shake hands. Applaud guys was rad. We appreciate it. Thank you, but uh.

We wanted to actually sit down and kind of explain what zero guy he is because guys this is this program is unreal. I mean it. The way he’s got all this setup. It makes it actually affordable that anybody can now have a fully guided outfitted hunt in Arizona to start with more States coming butto have this fully guided outfitted hunt to make the best about. You know in some some units once-in-a-lifetime tag for a non-resident and it’s it’s like it’s getting to become a rich man’s sport and Travis is seeing that over the years he’s got 22 years of guiding in Arizona in himself and every year it just keeps going up And up and up point now I guys like us, we draw tags, we can’t afford an outfitter, so this program that he’s put together is really cool and I really want to share it with you guys, because I feel like everybody, that puts it in the West. Anyone deserves to know about this, so here’s Travis McClendon and I’m going to have him kind of start explaining this a little bit to you guys. So here you go thanks, Josh! Well, I just wanted to yeah.

We wanted to sit down and kind of explain it. A lot of people are not quite sure what it is, and so skeptical really ya optical, not understanding exactly what the program is. So guy fees are going up over time. They’ve been going up for the last obviously 15, 20 years and they’re . Getting to the point where you have to have a lot of money to go on a guided and actually just keeps a lot of guys from applying like states like Utah Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona. Because they don’t know where to go, and basically they don’t have the money to go with an outfitter. So they don’t even bother to apply right. So we try to eliminate all that by charging guy fees and that’s essentially what zero guide uses. It’s. No guy fees and what basically, instead we charge, is basically a small membership fee of $ 350. That’s it that’s it. You pay your three and fifty dollars one-time year monthly and when you get drawn, you will get started off at the five days fully outfitted on. That’s fully outfitted.

That means we set up the camp, the cards, the food, we cook, our trucks, our feel the whole nine yards, all you’re responsible is to get to the camp and then we’ll take it from there make sure you got clothes yeah. We want you to bring and what are you can worry when we’re going on throw stuff where maybe we’ll even have the gun for you guys to use if you want so that way, flying is even easier for you exactly so, hopefully we’re going to limonade a Lot of the people who basically can’t afford to go with an outfitter have decided to do it on their own. We’Ll get eliminate that you can go with an outfitter now Arizona Strip guides for the deer, in Arizona elk outfitters for the elk and the antelope, and basically we have tried to cut this down to where there’s no guide fees. You pay one time three and fifty you’re going to get a five-day, fully outfitted hot starting out and then what’s great because we know sometimes putting in for these units it’s going to take a while. We get drawn especially places like the Kaibab Arizona Strip every third year, we’re going to give you more days so Arizona Strip guys is going to start you out with the five day, but after your third year we’re going to bump you up to seven days and After three years again, you haven’t drawn a bump you up to 10 days, so since you can get a 10 day, fully outfitted hunt or basically $ 3500, because the great thing about what we’re doing is once you lock in if that membership price of $ 350, That stays that way until you get drawn, even if it’s 20 years from now guys, I mean you’re , locked in Travis, is already going steady.

What you start off at is what you’ll pay now five years ten years from now, you sign up, it could be more money, it could be four hundred dollars a year but be 375. We don’t know yet, because inflation obviously is going to play a hole. Well, we started at $ 200 membership two years ago and we’re already up to 350, so you want to lock in sin: does that lock your pricing and, as we know, guy fees are going to be going up over the next ten fifteen years and your price Doesn’t so this? This is a winner, even if you got drawn your first year, like twenty one of our members last year, drew and got a five-day fully outfit a time for $ 349. Six of those guys had one or no points. Oh and they’re all non-resident. You know with the new changes there has now it’s more attractive to become a member than ever before. Cuz there’s actually a chance that you can draw now before the way Arizona had everything set up. There was no way you were going to draw as a non-resident. You were pretty much going to wait till you had max points and then there still wasn’t a guarantee because there’s so many people non-residents that have max points, and I mean last year I drew I helped and guided a buddy on 13b he’s had max points. I think bird by 3/4 – almost maybe five years now. I can’t remember exactly but point is he’s had max points he’s been sitting and waiting for his turn and now the way they’ve got everything set up. There’s a chance. You can draw it your first year. You can draw it your fifth year, it’s just it’s. Basically, five percent of the overall tags are going to , go to any random number and the way it works in Arizona.

Your application, when you apply that number is going to , be randomly selected to you by the computer. Whoever gets the lowest number gets the tag, and since you get a 5 % for an easy math, if the tag allocation for the strip is a hundred tags, you’re going to have a chance of five. Those random tags, in fact Josh. This client this year had like five or six points, five points from Kansas, no non-resident five points and he drew the strip. This year I got you did and my minor analyst trip on the rifle. Not he was from Utah. He drew with 12 points that would have never happened until did need changes, so this program is even more attractive because now it’s easier for non-residents than ever before to get drawn and let’s just take for met, people understand that if they gave me three hundred forty Nine dollars for their membership and the very next year they get drawn, they understand, they’re , getting a five-day fully outfit comp to $ 349, just like those 21 other guys got, but when he bailed owners down, even if it takes you ten years. Let’s just talk about ten years female 10 times 350 is $ 3,500, that you’re going to pay in membership dues over the next ten years, but you’re going to get a 10-day fully outfitted hunt. Ten days now we’re going to chart, we charge nine grand for a 10-day right now and in ten years. How much is that going to be probably fifteen? At least there just was just with the natural flow of what inflation’s done the past ten years I mean Jarvis has figured all this stuff out guys just with the way inflation has constantly gone up over the years I mean honestly, it’s probably going to be close To that fifteen thousand dollar mark now 15 grands a lot of money and you’re going to put in thirty five hundred dollars over a ten-year period.

So I’m ready to get drawn in year, one or rather you get drawn in year, even 20. This thing’s, a winner, is going to save you thousands and thousands of dollars. It gives you the chance to go with a reputable outfitter like Arizona Strip, guys or Arizona elk Outfitters, and not have to worry about going on your own, not having to worry about where to go. We’re going to take care of that. Why I’m you’re blinding an outfitter in the state of Arizona which the state of Arizona can be very challenging to find a great outfit right, because there’s so many other guys and there’s so many of them that are cutting corners and not doing things by the book. Arizona’s very loose loose state to become a guy named, unfortunately, 300 bucks and you can become a guy yeah. So there’s no don’t checks, there’s nothing and there’s a lot of guys out there that are just doing it because because they can without any experience without any knowledge, it’s it’s. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors out there guys travis has a great background in the state of Arizona with his second generation. I mean his dad started this place at 40. 40 years ago, 40 years ago, Travis has been guiding for 22 years in the state of Arizona and Josh runs all our cameras for the Arizona Strip and we have over 200 and was out there him and and we’re going to set up cameras. We’re going to . Do our due diligence we’re going to go out there and Scout it? You get all of that.

Just by being a member, you couldn’t go out to the script. Put up 200 cameras, no MP under five grand. We will spend ten to fifteen thousand dollars every year before we even book the hunter, and you get that with by your membership. There’s. No, I being a member – and you also get insider information I mean Josh know – is out there he’s picking up shots he’s going out there every day. He knows exactly. What’s going on out there as far as weather and the patterns and all that, and we passed that on to you guys, we guys called me all the time hey. What should I do this year? Let’s look at the rags together, you know, let’s look at the weather, what’s the tag allocation, you know what was it success in these units last year we go over all that. No, I over that. You know consultation with you on the phone and then gives you a better understanding where you need to apply so that you can go on and great hunt when you get drawn with a zero guy piece and if you guys don’t want to apply, you find it Intimidating you don’t know what numbers to use where to put in times and dates and deadlines, and all that stuff pretty much. You talk to Travis on the phone kind of give him a brief understanding. As far as what you would like to harvest. What your goal is, how many years you want to you’re willing to wait towards how many of you you don’t want to wait, and then you hit that little box at the top and drive us to put everything in for you. You’Ll handle a whole bill for a little extra money on on top yeah.

We need community membership, but exactly we called those guys easy app guys. So we even let you if you like, for an additional $ 30 I’ll, take care of all your applications for you. Every single year, I ask you some additional questions: how you answer the district? What additional questions will determine what I do is be moving forward yeah, so you can do yourself or – and I can tell you how to do it or I can do it for you. It’s a one-stop shop guys and Travis will change that I mean that’s something: change over you guys and be non-residents. You don’t know what a certain units doing I mean yeah, there’s always the hype on certain units, but guys I’m telling you right now. Some of those units aren’t as good as they used to be and there’s other units out there that are way better than they ever were, and Travis knows that stuff. So every year he’s going to eat. You can adjust that stuff based off of what your goal is. So basically, and I the way we’re going to what we want to add this into Utah next year and we’re going to have this program into Nevada. We want to change how the West is done. Yes, we wanted basically its disruptive innovation, we’re going to disrupt and end up by innovation. We want to disrupt how it’s done and that we want to include everybody. Zero guide fees is just that. It’s a way to include everybody. You know for 90 cents a day now you can get a bonafide reputable outfitter in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and you don’t have to pay those guide fees so and we’re , including everybody now and now, not just the rich man, but everybody by putting this on a membership.

Everybody pitches in their membership and those guys would get drawn that membership pays for the hunt. It’s a better way of doing it and includes everybody, and hopefully we’re going to disrupt we’re going to rock the western United States, with how we’re going to go about guys. Applying in the future and going with Outfitters yep guys, there’s we’re going to use reputable guides and stuff in these other states too, I mean in Arizona it’s one thing: you’re going to go with us in these other states, Nevada, Utah Travis is already started doing some. Where he’s already checking into other Outfitters and guides in these other states, because he wants to make sure you guys are going to , have the hike that you deserve. I mean really there’s nothing worse than trying to do the homework and figuring out what outfitter to go with when he’s already going to have a list and there’s going to be guys on there. You might not want to use there’s going to be guys on there. You you don’t even know about it. He’s going to have it all covered. You guys are going to Vic he’s going to take care of your fees. He’s going to pay. Those Outfitters and you’re going to go on a hunt that you deserve. That’s right: zero! Guy fees is going to pay for your honey when you get drawn for you talking about it, if you remember yep and there’s no other outfitter, that’s paying for other hunts that I know it. I mean guys it’s it’s. It’s really a cool cool idea and concept in the way he’s got everything figured out.

This isn’t just something he thought up to two to six months ago and said: let’s do this. This is a couple years in the making he has gone through. He has done his homework it’s five years ago, but we started a year and a half ago last year was our first full year. We did the deer the year before that and in the first full year we did draw 21 guy last year. They all got a five-day fully: outfitted hunt, the biggest self we shot was 400 inches. I got paid 349 and then we killed a 211 inch typical buck, dik 349. So what other program will give you that opportunity? That’s what’s so great about this and that’s why we’re going to change how it’s done unless absolutely and guys honestly, I mean you know me, I’m not going to just beat something to you based off of anything, but the fact that I believe in it. I really do, and this still right here is so guys. Do me a favor if you got any more questions, get on his website check it out.

Do your homework, you don’t Instagram Facebook check out zero guy Q’s and then, on top of it, get on there and check out Arizona Strip guide to Arizona help Outfitters on Instagram and Facebook, and thank you for watching and subscribing and supporting us guys. We really truly appreciate it. That’s been this honey Expo has been unreal this year, we’ve seen a lot and you guys got to mean to shake hands with a lot of you guys and see the support and love you guys have for us. We really appreciate it. So you know get everybody involved, it’s up it up subscribe button and you’re done. Let us know what you think you got. Questions hit us up. Travis lands, your questions, I’ll do my best to answer all your easy questions. They get too technical on time enough to send you over to him but check us out guys. We appreciate it very much so: zero guys peace, calm. They answer a lot of questions or informations on the air. If you have any questions, you give me a call. No thanks guys. We love you appreciate it. Thank you very much. I love you bye.


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