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Awesome Giveaway

Hey guys Brit with shed honey, babes and mr. Josh Corbin antler trader. What’s going on guys, we are super excited today to bring you this giveaway we’ve put together with some really great companies. It’s just a thank you for following us and supporting us, and we just we can do this by absolutely guys.

We really really appreciate all the support and in everything with what we’ve been doing on YouTube and Instagram Facebook, so because of all of it and all the new subscribers to say, thank you, we’ve put together is awesome, giveaway guys with some great stuff in it. We’re giving away a box of bandera bars guys this stuff is awesome. These really are like. I don’t even have to eat a meal. This is like the perfect thing for the mountain. My bag isn’t overloaded I’ve and it keeps me full absolutely and Joey’s a great guy and you’ll see you guys will see whoever wins. You’Ll love these. I promise. On top of this, we’ve got live dips, throwing in a couple it love them. You guys there they’re .

So so important go over, give them a follow this yeah for real and then we’re going to do a couple trader or not new trader hat in a decal we’ve got small medium large extra large you’ll be able to pick which size you want and then on Top of it, we are doing a set of a pair of vortex 10 by 50 Diamondback binoculars guys brand new in the box. There you guys, if you, if you don’t run vortex, you’ll love them. If you run vortex, you already know so great by nose and some other great great prizes here guys. These were donated by a mr

Richard or Chuck antler man and shut towards a shed dwarf on Instagram, they threw in to buy notes for us and then obviously we got vendera bar and lips to thank for all this, so rules are easy. Guys can explain. All you need to do is like us on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll have the links down below and then once you’ve done. That comment done in the comments below and also make sure that you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel, which is oh, they already are, and we will be announcing our winner on Friday, June 17th and hey, and on top of that guys make sure, like she said, Make sure you subscribe and like and follow all three of those links are going to be in the bottom.

But let us know in the comments section too, if you want to see something something different like a video, some you’re , looking forward to a collab with somebody. Just DIY stuff, I mean anything guys. We we really. We were really passionate. We love doing what we do, whether it’s shadowing hunting fishing, anything outdoors really but yeah guys. We just want to put together great content for everybody. So let us know we appreciate you think very much.



Awesome Giveaway, Awesome Giveaway, Awesome Giveaway, Awesome Giveaway

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